Double Hung Windows

Among consumers, double hung windows are rapidly gaining popularity, mainly due to the following reasons.





Open windows wide without worrying about flowers and things on the windowsill. Double hung windows (sometimes called American or English) open vertically. You can put a table in the kitchen next to the window. Even a set dining table does not interfere with maximum ventilation.

So what is a double hung window and why it is so popular? Windows double hangs are horizontal and vertical intermediate strips of a double-glazed unit, which are simply laid between the glass to decorate the structure and create a real English window in appearance. The width of the spros can be from 8 to 45 millimeters. On plastic windows, aluminum bars are usually used.


Among consumers, such double hung windows are rapidly gaining popularity, and for the following reasons:


● Save room space. The window board can be used as a shelf, for example, for books or flowers.
● They look aesthetically pleasing, fashionable, and complement the interior and exterior of the building.
● Thanks to the profile system with air chambers and insulation, they maintain a comfortable microclimate in the room.
● Protect from unauthorized entry. It is not possible to open the sash from the outside.
● Compatible with mosquito nets, protective grilles, blinds and roller shutters.


Glazing is made using high quality glass. Double-glazed window at the customer's choice from single-chamber to five-chamber. At the request of the client, it is possible to use false linings or shpros to give the windows a classic English look.


Double Hung vs Single Hung Window

Windows double hung is a very interesting design that deserves special attention due to its undoubtedly useful qualities. The fact is that these lift-and-slide windows have gained popularity in country houses for a number of reasons: they have the most resistant to burglary reputation, withstand the most extreme weather conditions (heavy rain showers, gusts of wind, severe snowfalls), and are not subject to freezing. They are not afraid of distortions or swelling of the wall beams. They perfectly tolerate temperature drops or condensate formation.


What is the difference between double hung vs single hung window? Let’s have a look at three common types of windows:


● Single hung window. Rarely encountered as a flat surface is required to open. The presence of slopes makes it impossible to function indoors. Therefore, only the external opening/closing method is used.


● Double hung window. The optimal model, which is most often found on the territory of our country. In the standard opening there are no obstacles to the functioning of the mechanism. A special braking system with magnets ensures precise fixation.


● Tricuspid. The design consists of three parts. The two distant ones move towards each other. The middle part is stationary. Considering the significant dimensions, a special system is provided that prevents the upper or lower sash from falling.


The choice, as always, is yours, but English windows, which have served people for more than 400 years, deserve attention, because they have a lot of advantages, and for the most part, the shortcomings are quite correctable.





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