Tips for your Living Room Tiles

The following tips will help you in choosing the best tiles for your living room.



When looking to tile your floor, you can never run short of ideas. You’ll be spoilt for choice. The greatest challenge is often settling on a set of tiles when faced with different types of tiles that vary in color, the material used, texture and pattern. Worth noting, however, is the fact that not every tile type will be fit for just any space. You’ll have to choose the kind of tiles to use depending on the space in need of tiles, among many other considerations. The following tips will help you in choosing the best tiles for your living room.


Tile Hardness

When searching for the best tiles for your living room, one feature that you can never overlook is tile hardness – the ability of the material to withstand wear or foot traffic. There are agencies within the construction industry tasked with providing the rating for various tiles. You can utilize their ratings for various types of tiles to establish how they fare on the scale. Look out for the level of hardness that is recommended for a living room.




The appropriate degree of hardness for your living room tiles will also depend on whether you’re using them on the floor or the walls. Floor tiles will need to be much harder compared to wall tiles. The hardness of the floor tiles will also vary depending on the level of traffic you anticipate in your living room. The higher the traffic, the harder your floor tiles will need to be.



Durability and Maintenance

Living room floors are often exposed to falling objects and spills that can damage it. Consider porcelain tiles as they are among the most durable. Irrespective of the finish, the hard body helps them maintain their original look for longer. Ceramic tiles are another inexpensive but durable option. Glazed tiles are impervious to stains and water. As for the unglazed tiles, you can seal and protect them to achieve a similar effect.

You should seal grout lines annually. Apart from this, the floor will merely need regular mopping to get rid of dirt and loose debris. It’s a great choice for parents with small children, as well as for a living room that generally experiences high traffic. If you are a lover of the appearance of wooden floors but are discouraged by the maintenance costs, you can opt for wood look tiles. They are made from ceramic which is easy to maintain but have a wood-like appearance that will be to your taste.



The choice of tiles for your living room will also depend on the kind of appearance that you intend to achieve. If you wish to make a space appear bigger, going with light color tiles will do the trick. The choice of light colors will also be appropriate if your living room has poor access to natural light. Examples of such colors include white, cream, sand, and beige among others. Also, large tiles tend to make small spaces to appear larger. Your choice of color should also be a good match with your furniture and lighting to achieve a seamless look.








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