Quick Tip: Affordable wood flooring

If you love the look and feel of a wood floor, and prefer the real thing over laminate, you can install pine flooring.


There is no other flooring that offers the warmth and atmosphere of a real wood floor, but these floors tend to come with at a hefty price that is out of reach for many homeowners. Pine flooring is an affordable substitute for hardwood floors, and if properly maintained and cared for, there's no reason why a pine floor can't last a lifetime.

GOOD TO KNOW: It is important to acclimatise pine flooring before you install. Have the flooring planks delivered about a month in advance and let them sit in the room - or close to it - to adjust to the ambient conditions. This will alleviate quite a bit of expansion and contraction before being installed.


Pine flooring is available from suppliers around the country, and each supplier offers their own unique product. Planks are pre-cut with tongue and groove for easy installation and are available in various widths and lengths. When asking for quotations, it is important to enquire whether or not flooring is pre-treated, or if a treatment needs to be applied. A treatment protects the timber against attack by fungi and insects, and extends the life of the flooring by up to 20 years - so ask before you buy.


1. Put down an underlay moisture barrier over the sub-floor. You can buy this product at hardware stores or search online to find your nearest supplier. An underlay protects the pine flooring from damp and humidity and is essential when laying on top of a concrete or tiled floor. If left out, timber flooring may undergo extensive shrinking or expansion.

2. An expansion joint is allowed around the perimeter of the room where the pine floor is to be installed. Expansion joints can easily be covered up by installing skirting boards around the room after installing the floor.


3. Measure, mark and cut planks to fit around existing fittings and door openings and make adjustments for an increased floor height. You may need to trim doors to fit.


GOOD TO KNOW: Fit strips to doorways to transition from different types of flooring. You can buy strips at Builders and hardware stores to fit standard door openings.



While the installation of pine flooring offers an affordable alternative, these floors do require regular maintenance to keep them looking beautiful and extend their lifespan.

It is recommended that a polyurethane sealer be applied to the floor, immediately after installation and as and when the finish starts to dull. Woodoc have a range of quality indoor floor sealers in matt, satin, and gloss finish, in clear, wood tints and colours.