Concrete Floors Are Pet Friendly

For anyone with pets, you will want to ensure flooring is scratch-resistant and easy to clean and that's why concrete floors are pet friendly.



When buying a new home or redecorating an existing home, you will want flooring that is good looking, durable and low maintenance. When you factor your pets into the decision-making process, you will also want a flooring that is scratch-resistant and will stand up to the test of time. High-maintenance floors are most definitely a no-no for a pet-friendly home since two of the biggest problems with pets are scratching and odours.


In this article, we look at how concrete floors ticks all the boxes when it comes to a pet-friendly flooring option:



With the exception of ceramic and porcelain tiles, a concrete floor that is sealed with the proper cement seal finish, your floors are scratch-resistant and you won't have to worry about scratches and gouges that are a fact of life for a pet-lover. Even your furniture will love the scratch-resistant capability of a concrete floor.



Carpets, tiles and laminate floors don't meet the standard when it comes to pet-friendly flooring. Carpets are the worst but laminate floors come a close second and the grout that surrounds tiles - unless properly sealed - can also be responsible for pet odours.


The last thing you want when entering your home, or entertaining family and friends, is for pet smells to take over. Whether it's a new puppy that isn't quite house-trained, an older dog that needs loving care, or pets running in and outdoors all day, you are going to have pet odours unless you have the right flooring installed.







Concrete floors that have been properly installed and sealed won't let pet odours be absorbed and you can be guaranteed of a home that smells fresh all the time.



All pets shed fur throughout the seasons and the solid finish on concrete floors will make cleaning up quick and easy. A wipe with a mop and pet hair is removed and with it any fleas or mites. Even muddy paws are no longer a mission to clean up and can be cleaned up with just a few wipes with a mop and soapy water.


What is of more concern in a home with pets is pet dander. This is flakes of skin that are shed seasonally throughout the year and that aggravate anyone with allergies. The smooth non-permeable finish of a concrete floor doesn't trap pet dander and it is removed with your daily or weekly cleaning.






If you are worried about your pets sleeping on a cold, concrete floor, don't forget that concrete has a high thermal mass that stores heat throughout the day. In the cooler evenings, the radiant heat is emitted and adds warmth to floors. And that's great for your electricity bill as well. Even during the winter months, heat is absorbed either throughout the day or in the evening when a heater is switched on to take off the chill.

An option to keep your home warm during winter is to have underfloor or radiant heating installed. This will not only ensure the floor is warm for your pets but also your family. Alternatively, place natural rugs over a concrete floor to add warmth.



Unlike most other flooring options, and particularly carpets and laminate flooring, a concrete floor it VOC-free. That means zero volatile organic compounds that pollute the air in a home. When a concrete floor is stained with non-toxic pigments, this is the most eco-friendly option for home flooring.




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