Clever Tricks To Keep The Landlord Happy!

Transforming a rental property into a home can be tricky if the landlord won't let you do anything, but there are a few tricks you can use!




If you have moved into a rental property and want to make it feel more like home, especially if you plan on staying there for a long time, there are a few tricks that Rent Appeal Management advises you can add to your arsenal to keep the landlord happy and still have a house that feels like a home.

The majority of landlords have a strict rule about hammering nails into walls and for good reason. There is nothing worse than having a tenant move out and then having to spend days patching up chunks missing from walls and repainting the entire inside of a rental property. But if you are clever and do it properly by arming yourself with a few supplies that you can find at any Builders store or on the Builders website under NAILS, you can add a few pieces of artwork to walls to add personality to a house.








Hilti hammer

Hilti Hook Nails (picture frame hangers)

Hilti Short Nail Pins

Hilti Hook Nail Caps







I am sure that many of you will remember the Hilti Hammer. It's now back on the shelves at your local Builders and called the Hilti Handifix Tool and it comes with all the usual accessories you need to hang pictures on walls.






The Hilti Handifix Tool makes it easy to mount pictures on walls and installs nails neatly without damaging walls (when used correctly). That means you can promise the landlord that walls won't be damaged when you hang pictures.

To use the Hilti Handifix, mark the location for where you want to hang your picture. Insert a short nail into the end of the Hilti Handifix, hold perfectly straight at the mark and give a hard tap with a hammer to the chisel end. The Hilti Handifix MUST be straight and only give HARD TAPS with your hammer.

Once the nail is hammered into the wall, add the Hilti Hook Nail and screw on a Hilti Hook Nail Cap and hang your picture.







And when you move out and need to remove the nails and fix the holes left behind...






Interior Crack Filler

Paint scraper or palette knife

120-grit sandpaper

White acrylic paint and painting tools





When you move out of the house, you need to make good on your promises. To repair nail holes left in the wall, first lightly sand the area with 120-grit sandpaper and blow away any dust in and around the nail hole. Mix up a batch of crack filler to the consistency of porridge or thick cream and use a paint scraper or palette knife to squeeze the crack filler into the hole. Use the paint scraper to remove any excess filler and just enough to cover the hole.

Let the filler dry overnight and then sand again with 120-grit sandpaper. The filled hole should be invisible but if not, you are going to need to paint to ensure there are no visible holes.


Note that this article is a recommendation only and it is advised that you discuss this with your landlord to prevent voiding your contract or incurring damages. It is your responsibility to restore any walls to their original condition.








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