Beautiful walls and floors with Italian plaster

With Stucco, or Italian plaster, you can turn floors, walls, countertops and many other surfaces into work of art.


Homeowners are constantly on the lookout for new and unique ideas for decorating a home. Cement-based finishes and plasters are increasing in popularity for those who want wall and floor finishes that are as durable as conventional finishes, but offer more personality.

Stucco has been used for decoration in many ancient cultures. In Roman art, stucco was used extensively for decoration. Baroque and Rococo architecture makes heavy use of stucco and examples can be found in churches and palaces, where stucco is mostly used to provide a smooth, decorative transition from walls to ceiling, decorating and giving measure to ceiling surfaces.

Stucco Italiano - - is locally recognised as the Master of Plaster, with a range of products developed to create a natural, unique finish for walls and floors, based on their own product formulas and application techniques. These master craftsmen are able to transform floors and walls into works of art to finish off any home, while offering finishes that are durable, stain resistant and weatherproof.

Application techniques that have been honed over time allow a wide range of techniques and colours to be applied to walls and floors to create a unique atmosphere that enhances any style of decorating, whether modern, contemporary or rustic. Over time, these finishes acquire a patina that cannot be replicated with modern paint techniques.  

Add a new dimension to walls with products with smooth or textured finishes that create a distinctly unique mottled look. Plaster finishes can be luxuriously smooth or textured, neutrals or coloured, and can be applied to a variety of surfaces both for interior and exterior use.  

Africote, Coprox and Cemcrete are just a few of the many manufacturers, suppliers and installers of cement-based wall and floor products. While professional application is recommended for a truly magnificent finished project, DIY products are available for those with previous knowledge of plastering methods and techniques.