DIY plywood floor installation

I receive a lot of enquiries about plywood floor installations and whether or not it's worth considering.

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With so many installations around the globe, plywood has been put to the test as an inexpensive and stunning flooring options for homeowners wanting the look of wood rather than laminate floors. The trend started picking up around about 5 years ago and has continued to grow since that time.

Most of the plywood floor installations have used the affordable pine plywood that retails here for around R500 per sheet, and it's a large sheet of plywood.

After searching the internet for how these floors have held up over the years I'm surprised at how many people still love their plywood floors. Allison at shark tails posted a very informative feature on how her plywood floors have fared one year later, and for those of you interested in installing plywood floors, check out the video below. Her advice is to have all the planks cut to size to make the job easier, and you can have this done at any Builders Warehouse.

For those of you with pets, Allison says that even with pets the floors have been scratched only here and there where the dogs jump onto the bed. She applied a light stain and finished off with a satin finish that helps to disguise scratch marks.

Even thought Allison installed the floors as a temporary solution until they could afford hardwood floors, she is so happy with the installation that she prefers to keep them.

If you're thinking about installation plywood floors to your home, take a look at the video below. It's one of the better videos that I have come across that covers plywood floor installation.




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