Repair chipped tiles

I am sure that there are many homeowners out there who have at least one tile in their home that has been chipped. How do you repair a chipped tile? Here's how to repair or disguise a chipped wall or floor tile.


Accidents do happen ... children drop toys, pots get dropped in the kitchen, and as a popular flooring choice a tiled floor is susceptible to chips from everyday use. If you have a tile floor in your home, chances are you will eventually find yourself needing to repair a chip.

Mend A Tile Chipped Tile Repair Kit is the brain child of Heather Moskowitz and was designed out of a necessity to repair a chipped tile in her own home. After searching high and low for a solution she realised that there was a definite need for a repair kit that one could use to repair chips in tiles without having to replace one tile - or even several tiles - and avoid the mess and expense involved, not to mention not being able to match your existing tiles.

The process is extremely simple:

1. Apply a blob of colour (white, red, yellow , blue and black) onto the mixing card. As the formula dries quickly - the larger the blob the longer you have to work with it.

2. Use a mixing stick to add small amounts of colour to each other until you have the desired shade for your tile/s. Once you have mastered the colour mixing, it literally takes a minute or two.

Each kit comes with everything you need, including step by step simple instructions to fix a chip in any tile, no matter the size or colour. The coloured fluid has been specially formulated to mix easily, dry quickly and is extremely durable. The standard size repair kit contains 10ml bottles, enough to repair over 100 medium sized chips.

Visit the Mend-A-Tile website for more details: