Stain bare concrete floors with CreteStain

Here's how to give a bare concrete floor a facelift without breaking the bank. Using easy steps you can use CreteStain to give concrete floors a makeover.


Cemcrete's CreteStain is an acid-based mixture that contains special chemicals that combine with the cement or concrete floor to colour the surface, giving your floor a colour wash. 

1.  Clean the floor thoroughly with a vacuum clean and then wet the cement floor with a damp mop.  

2.  Follow the instructions on the container to dilute the Cemcrete CreteStain colour of your choice with water. Note: Do not dilute black.

3.  Begin applying the first coat of CreteStain with a roller, using a brush around the edges. Leave the applied stain to dry for at least an hour. Additional coats can be added once dry to the touch.

4.  At this stage you can get creative with CreteStain. Use CreteStain to achieve different effects. Pool the CreteStain mixture in some areas, or apply a more concentrated mix of CreteStain to darken areas you want to enhance.  Using a broom or roller you can spread the mixture on the floor. Once the desired effect has been achieved leave to dry for at least 24 hours before applying a sealer.

5. To protect the floor, seal using Cemcrete Colour Hardener sealer. This product is applied with a brush around the edges and a roller in between. Leave the first coat of sealer to dry for 24 hours.