Quick Fix: Gaps around floors

Gaps around the edge of floors are a common problem in older homes, or where floors have been sanded or carpets removed. Here's a quick fix to solve the problem.


Gaps around floors look ugly and leave a room looking unfinished. If you aren't planning to install new skirtings, you can use a quarter-round strip of pine to cover up these gaps - and find everything you need for this project at you local Builders Warehouse. 


Sand and paint the quarter-round strips before cutting and installing. If you want to match to an existing wood floor or skirtings, stain and seal beforehand.


1. Measure up and cut the quarter-round, bearing in mind that you need to allow extra length for cutting corners.

2. Use a mitre box and saw - or mitre saw - to cut 45-degree angles at the ends, trimming the lengths to fit. You may need to test fit a few times and adjust the angle slightly for walls that aren't exactly 90-degrees, which is more often than not here in SA!

2. A coping saw makes it easy to cut out a contour for a tight fitting joint in corners. Cut out a curve by following the profile shape of the quarter-round, so that is fits nicely over the top of the adjacent corner piece.

3. Once you're sure that everything fits nicely in place, use panel pins and a hammer to secure to existing skirts, or apply a bead of Pattex No More Nails adhesive.