What you should know about cement finishes

When deciding upon wall or floor finishes for your next renovation or building project, you need to be informed about the choices available. To help you better understand cement-based finishes we've summarised five distinctive features of cement finishes.


Colour is not uniform

When using cementitious floor or wall finishes it is important to note that the nature of this product lies in its application and physical properties. As the finish is applied, so the moisture is absorbed at different rates into the substrate. This results in a final outcome with a finish that has natural mottling and subtle movement. This is the unique beauty of using these products ad adds to the adaptable earthy aesthetic of cement. 

Manual application is required

Cementitious, or cement-based, products are hand applied by trained contractors. What adds to the unique aspect of this product is that each hand has its own technique and character. You will seldom get an identical finish - even from the exact same hand.

Although the same product is used across a floor or wall, the movement of the trowel, mixing ratio, the temperature of the day, and even the method used by the contractor will all add to the individual flair of the final finish.  

Expect hairline cracks

By its very nature, cement is not a flexible material, so movement and temperatures causing expansion and contraction may cause fine hairline cracks. This is part of the natural element and adds to the look and feel of the finished project.

Larger, more linear cracks are mostly caused by lack of expansion joints, which are essential for these areas. Make sure you cut these joints into the screed before applying a cement-based finish to help eliminate unsightly cracks.

Lighting affects the finished result

There are various colour options and each can quite often look different after application. Natural and artificial lighting impacts the way the colour is perceived. Surrounding colours used in a room will also affect the way the finished colour appears.

 It is important to view the actual on-site colour sample for accurate colour perception, since photos or online catalogues due not offer true colour and no two sites will look identical. Visit www.Cemcrete.co.za for more information on cement finishes for floors and walls.