Epoxy Flooring With Your Own Hands

Follow these step-by-step instructions for an attractive interior detail and reliable protection for the flooring.




The epoxy filler is a unique plastic material that creates a durable coating with a beautiful gloss. The room is transformed - a stylish gloss appears, the flooded floor is comfortable for walking and does not wear out for a long time.

The material is perfectly suitable not only for residential areas - houses and apartments - but also for production shops, hospitals, railway stations and shopping centers. How to pour the floor of epoxy resin with your own hands? If you follow the step-by-step instructions, you will get an attractive interior detail and reliable protection for the flooring.


Tools and materials

The first step is the procurement and preparation of tools and materials:

two-component epoxy coating of a suitable brand (you may order at Southern Illinois Epoxy);
rollers on long rods, long tie rods;
needle shafts;
paint shoes and a respirator;
plastic container for kneading without corners;
wide rule and spatulas;
construction mixer (drill with special attachment);
deep penetration primer (concrete contact type);
construction vacuum cleaner or broom.

If the concrete base is old, with many defects, for its restoration will be required:

    • puttying;

    • grinding machine.



At this stage, you can act alone. If the concrete slab is new, it is sufficient to dedust it and cover it with two coats of primer. In the event of damage - cracks, crumbling areas, potholes and chips - restoration should be carried out. The recesses should be putty.

Areas where the concrete crumbles, vyhlblivayutsya to a solid material and filled with cement mix or a special repair composition. After curing the defects should be grinded and walk on the entire surface with a vacuum cleaner or broom. With the help of long question rollers, the dust-free coating is treated with a primer.



The floors should be filled in two or three times, because the epoxy mixture dries quickly, within 30-40 minutes it should be distributed over the surface. The process is carried out in several stages:

Underfloor. The diluted and thoroughly mixed mixture in the container is poured over the floor and aligned using the rules. The thickness is one or two millimeters. After pouring it is treated with a needle shaft and dried for six hours.

Decorative layer (filling). It can be photographic printing, drawing, sequins, quartz sand and other materials that give the floor an interesting look and additional strength.

Finish coating. Two options - epoxy or transparent protective varnish. The first is applied if the floors do not have a pattern, the second - in the presence of a decorative layer.

Quartz sand is applied to the wet underlay - immediately after its filling, in a uniform layer. Excess is removed after six to eight hours, when the main mass of quartz and the polymer is bonded. The placer can be either natural or coloured in any shade.

Options for decorating epoxy floors:

    • tinting;

    • drawing - manual painting with acrylic paints;

    • photo printing - mounting a banner made in a printing house or vinyl stencils;

    • three-dimensional image, where microlenses are used;

    • quartz or any other filler with an interesting texture;

The finished polymer coating looks attractive and original - it has no seams like linoleum. The quality of the decor depends on the skill of the master - if you want to get a beautiful design solution, contact the professionals.



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