Tite Waterproofing Range at Builders

The Tite product range is a private label exclusive to Builders stores and consists of four waterproofing products.


Consisting of four waterproofing products, the Tite range of products is exclusive to Builders stores and backed by the Sika South Africa guarantee.

Products in the Tite range include H20 Tite, Fibre Tite, Bitumen Tite and Damp Tite, and each product is covered by a 5-year warranty. To activate the warranty all you need to do is to register your Tite product with Sika South Africa. To register, simply download the registration form and send it to either email: titewarranty@za.sika.com or fax: +27 31 700 1760.

H2O Tite Acrylic Waterproofing System

H2O Tite provides a complete waterproofing system. Consisting flexible waterproofing compound and Membrane, this system forms a fully bonded, durable, flexible waterproofing system that can be used on flashings, to seal joints, laps and roofing screws on corrugated roofs, and on parapet walls.

The single component acrylic is easy to use, has excellent adhesion to provide a finish that is flexible and durable, UV resistant
and vapour permeable.

H2O Tite is available in Charcoal, Grey, Terracotta, Red, Green, Brown, Black and White in both 5 and 10 litre containers.



Fibre Tite Acrylic Waterproofing System

Fibre Tite is an acrylic, flexible waterproofing compound that contains special fibre reinforcing. Fibre Tite can be used on flat or tiled roofs, parapet walls, flashing (with membrane reinforcement) and to overcoat existing roof waterproofing.

The single component product is ready to use and the fibre reinforcing eliminates the application of a separate membrane layer (in most instances).

The product is flexible and durable and offers good adhesion to most common, sound, roofing substrates. Plus the product can be over coated with quality acrylic paint.

Fibre Tite is available in Charcoal, Grey, Terracotta, Red, Green, Brown, Black and White in 20 litre containers.

Cem Tite Submersible Waterproofing

Cem Tite is an acrylic based emulsion that improves the water resistance and adhesion of Portland cement based composites. Cem Tite is mixed with Portland cement and water to form an effective waterproofing slurry used in conjunction with Cem Tite fabric (available in 1 metre wide rolls) for reservoirs, shower floors and walls, balcony and under-tile veranda floors. The product can also be used on retaining walls.

Add Cem Tite to plaster or render and also for waterproofing between two skins of external brick walling.

Cem Tite is non-toxic, oil resistant and ideal for submerged or subterranean waterproofing. The product is UV stable and watertight.



Damp Tite Damp-Proofing System

Damp Tite is a ready to use, water based resin damp - proofing and hardening impregnation that dries clean and is formulated to prevent the formation of mould and biological growth.

Damp Tite is used to prevent damp in plastered or rendered surfaces, brick or stone, etc. Due to its low viscosity, it penetrates deeply into the substrate and forms an invisible water damp-proof barrier. Damp Tite can also be used as a pre-treatment to improve weak or dusty surfaces for painting.

Damp Tite can be over coated with paint or wallpaper and can be used internally or externally.



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