Window Shopping: What to Look for In Windows Replacement

Going for window shopping? Here are a few things you should look for in windows replacement.



What to Look for When Wanting Windows Replacement

Window replacement shopping used to be a unique family undertaking. This is what made the holiday memories. Going shopping with your entire family was such a fantastic experience. However, as time goes by, things have changed and now shopping for windows is never that exciting undertaking.

Today's windows replacement shopping is such a daunting task. With so many options available for you and various aspects to consider such as energy efficiency, curb appeal, designs and high-tech security features, windows shopping has become a serious undertaking. You need to start early and decide what you need for your structure.


1. Pair Architectural Designs.

You want to make sure that the windows you choose complement the architectural design of your home. That way, you will make sure you get the biggest return on your investment if the windows replacement you choose complement the architectural design of your home. Contemporary homes will look great with awning, fixed, sliding and casement windows. Traditional homes pairs well with casement and double hung windows. Finally, Victorian homes look great with bay, double hung and bow window designs.


2. Windows Styles.

Now that you understand specific windows that match each architectural design, do you know what each means?

- Casement/awning windows - Casement is hinged by one side and open vertically while awning windows open horizontally.

- Single/double hung windows - Double hung windows have two glass panes. Energy efficient windows.

- Picture windows - Preferred because of their high capacity to let in more light.

- Bay/bow windows - Offers more space in your home.







3. Window Frames.

Through wood material was the first to be used as a frame, nowadays it is not commonly used. There are newer options that are more durable and stronger than wood. All these frames have their own benefits and limitations. Let's look at some;

  • - Wood
  • it is not vulnerable to cold and heat transference, so it is an efficient option. It is also beautiful since it matches most home styles. However, wood  needs a lot of maintenance to remain looking good. It is also vulnerable to decay and damage by insects.
  • - Vinyl
  • Most common frame material in most window replacement projects. It is durable and inexpensive. It also offers great energy efficiency.
  • - Aluminium
  • Common choice in storm-prone regions since it is strong.
  • - Fibreglass
  • Energy efficient option. It is very strong and last for a very long time. However, its high price is what discourages many homeowners wishing to use it in their window replacement projects.

Other factors to pay close attention is the type of installation and glass choices.







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