Do Indoor Plants Need Humidity?

Most of the indoor plants that we have in our homes originate from tropical environments and to thrive they require a little help with humidity.

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How To Trim Indoor Plant Roots

You don't have to purchase larger, expensive plant pots for your indoor plants if they are root-bound, simply trim the roots and re-pot them in the same pot.

Create Beautiful Succulent Garden Designs For Indoors or Outdoors

Growing succulents has become a popular trend as more people discover the variety of succulent plants available and in this article, we share a few ways to design a beautiful succulent garden of your own.

DIY Pest Control with Natural Remedies

Many effective DIY pest control methods rely on natural remedies that are not only environmentally friendly but also safer for you, your family, and your pets.

Create a Succulent Arrangement

Here's how to create a long-lasting arrangement for the home using succulents.

A Guide to Growing & Caring for Magnolias

We explore the world of magnolia trees, including how tall do magnolia trees grow, understanding their sizes and growth rates, planting, caring, and selecting the right one for your garden.

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Be Water Wise Amidst Water Restriction Risks

As South Africa faces water challenges brought on by seasonal climate changes, Rand Water and the South African Green Industries Council have called on industries and consumers to use water sparingly this season.

Strategies for Restoring and Repairing Damaged Lawns

Here are some simple strategies that can work wonders in bringing your grass back from the brink of disaster!

Maximizing Production in Compact Gardens

We share tips and tricks on how to maximize production in compact gardens and ensure you make the most out of every square inch.

Plant Succulents To Bring Colour Into A Winter Garden

Planting a variety of succulents in a garden not only saves you water but also brings brilliant colour into any garden.

Tips to Create a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Transform your backyard into a beautiful garden and a pollinator haven with the tips discussed in this article.

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How to Trim Tall Trees and Shrubs

The Worx WG349E.9 Cordless Pole Saw makes it easy to trim tall trees and shrubs.

Buy a Living Christmas Tree for the Festive Season

Why settle for an artificial Christmas tree when you can buy a live tree that can live out its life in the garden?

Choose the Right Style and Size of Pot for Plants

Choosing plant pots for indoor and outdoor plants is just as important as the plants themselves and you need to know what pot to use for a particular plant.

5 Great Natural Plant Fertilizers You Can Make At Home

Below, we look at 5 ways to fertilize your plants without having to immediately run to the store.

9 Best Plants To Improve Your Wellbeing

Did you know that keeping houseplants in your home or office has been linked with many health benefits? Scroll down to learn about such houseplants.

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Gardening Hacks 101 For Small Homeowners

To have a healthy garden, all gardeners must follow essential procedures, such as keeping pests at bay and selecting suitable soil and we offer some basic gardening hacks to make life easier.

Growing Food Without a Garden

Even if you have a tiny or no outdoor space, there are still ways to grow food!

Toxic Plants To Be Aware Of

When bringing plants into the home or garden, it is important to know which ones might be harmful as some plants can cause an allergic reaction, whereas others can be poisonous.

Make your own Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix

I have a friend who loves potting up succulents but after a month or so they keep dying and she's not sure why - it could be the potting mix she uses.

Unusual and Interesting Indoor Plants for the Home

We already know that plants in the home offer several benefits, so why settle for usual when there are so many interesting and unusual house plants you could display in your home.

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Why you should Grow Aloe Vera in a Garden

We have long known the many health benefits relating to Aloe Vera and it is one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden.

Protect your Plants from Damage by Frost

We don't often get frost on the Highveld, but the recent cold spell shows that we should be protecting plants in the garden from damage by frost.

Establish a Lush, Green Lawn from Seed

If your lawn is not lush and green during summer, perhaps it is time to rip out and start again to establish a lush, green lawn in time for spring.

How to Grow and Prune for a Lavender Topiary Tree

There are many health benefits associated with lavender; they are beautiful to look at and wonderfully scented, and you can create lavender topiary trees using the tips below.

How To Remedy A Bumpy Lawn

Lawns need work every now and then but a bumpy and uneven lawn will affect the appearance and usability of your garden.

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5 Simple Techniques to Improve Garden Soil

In this article, we look at ways to use simple techniques that will help improve the condition of the soil in your garden.

Water Efficient Gardening: 6 Tips For Backyard Gardeners

Water is a precious necessity that must not go to waste, so if you want to save more water, you can take the following steps to ensure that every drop is put to good use.

How to make DIY Hydroponic System?

Hydroponics is a subset of horticulture that involves growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and leafy greens in a nutrients-water solution without exhausting the soil.

Fertilising for dummies - Lawn secrets unlocked

Don’t let your lawn go hungry this summer. Find out how to feed it properly and ensure a luxurious carpet of green with Rolux MD Bruce Williams’ handy fertiliser guide.

How to Establish a Colourful Rockery in the Garden

Adding a rockery to a garden brings added interest to an otherwise plain garden and you can select colourful plants, particularly indigenous varieties, that will create a feature or focal point that requires minimal maintenance.

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Vertical Garden Ideas for Every Home

Whether you live in a house, townhouse, apartment or flat, there are vertical garden ideas for every situation.

Why you Should Consider Growing Sunflowers in your Garden

With their sunny faces that constantly follow the angle of the sun, sunflowers are nature's answer to good health and fun.

Can you to Grow Fruit Trees in a Small Garden?

Towards the end of last year I posted on growing fruit trees in a small garden and this is a follow-up to show you how the fruit trees fared.

Why You Should Grow Strawberries in Your Garden

Strawberry plants can be purchased at local garden centres and nurseries

Turn Your Lawn into a Lush Green Carpet

As much as the spring/summer season is meant to be the absolute best time of the year to enjoy your lawn, it can easily be the death of it.

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Spruce Up the Garden for Spring

Spring is definitely in the air, and it is the perfect time to get out into the garden and start setting up a beautiful display of plants and accessories.

Give Your Plants Shiny Leaves

One of my favourite indoor plants is the Peace Lily and I have quite a few in my home and have discovered a way to give the plant healthy, shiny leaves.

Don't Let Pets Destroy Your Lawn

If your furry friends like to dig up the lawn, now is the best time to fix this when the grass is dormant and it will be good as new just in time for summer.

Grow fruits in your garden

Take a look at the best fruit plants to grow in your landscape.

4 Basic Rules Of Tree Trimming

For more robust and healthier trees, here are basic rules you must remember when trimming.

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Establish An Immunity Garden

Establishing an immunity garden is a growing trend and we share some tips on how to establish and grow your immunity garden.

Be Water Wise During Winter

As the Highveld moves into a dry winter, gardeners will be giving their gardens and plants a much-needed watering and it is during this time that you need to be more water wise.

Tips For Growing Succulents Indoors

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind if you want to grow succulents indoors.

How To Have Sustainable Garden All Year Round

Sustainable gardening and growing your own is becoming a lifestyle for many and building your own greenhouse lets you extend the growing period all year round.

4 Plants To Grow Indoors To Repel Houseflies

Here are some plants can you grow on a kitchen windowsill that will help to control houseflies and keep these pests from buzzing around the kitchen.

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The Organic Gardeners Best Defence Against Pests

Growing your own produce (fruit, herbs and vegetables) is not just about planting and harvesting, it's also about being able to take action against pests and diseases.

Grow Herbs For Your Cocktails And Drinks

If you enjoy presenting guests and friends with a variety of cocktails and drinks, we offer some helpful tips on growing herbs that can be added to different cocktails and drinks.

How to Establish a Kitchen Herb and Salad Garden

Summer is about to get in full swing and perhaps you would like to consider growing your own organic salad supplies and herbs at home where you can pick them fresh when you need them.

Caring for your Houseplants and Indoor Plants

Houseplants are the 'growing' trend for those living an urban lifestyle and with the plants comes the requirement for care and maintenance to keep them healthy.

8 Plants That Offer Health Benefits

We know that plants add to our wellbeing, but more than that, these 8 plants are also good for our health and our environment.

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Update on Home Vegetable Garden

It has been just over a month since setting up my home vegetable garden and I wanted to share how much has grown since then.

Growing Fruit Trees in a Small Garden or on a Balcony

Since my recent post about establishing a vegetable garden, I thought I would also share my plans for growing fruit trees as well.

Establish Sustainable Garden on a Small Scale

Now that I have joined the ranks of gardeners who grow their own, I'm on the hunt or organic vegetable seeds that I can grow in my vegetable garden.

Using Coco Products For Sustainable Home Gardening

Coco products achieve growing popularity for home gardens to preserve water and help the environment, but are you using these products correctly?

Raised Beds and Container Gardening for Less Backbreaking Work

For the past few months, I have been planning the raised beds and container gardens for growing my own produce and I'm pleased to show you the result to date.

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Where Not To Plant Trees - Any Type Of Tree

There has been a lot of activity in my neighbourhood lately, homeowners have trees removed that were causing damage to their property.

Types and Uses of Mulch

Every garden needs a layer of mulch to enrich the soil or offer many other benefits to garden plants.

How to use Grolite® for Home Growing

If the Covid-19 crisis has taught us one thing, it is that self-sustainability has become more important than ever, and growing your own crops is no exception. Investing in your soil from the start is therefore critical.

Why You Should Start Growing Lavender

For the beginner gardener, lavender should be one of your top choices if you are starting a garden.

Growing Your Own Produce To Save Money

Growing your very own produce is not just about saving money, it's also about cultivating fresh vegetables grown with organic practices.

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Herbs to Grow on a Sunny Kitchen Windowsill

For those who live in a flat, apartment or upper-level townhouse, there are many ways to grow your own selection of kitchen herbs if you have a sunny window.

Garden Tasks to do in Autumn

The world around us may be falling apart, but there are still plenty of tasks that need to be done in and around the home, including in the garden.

Companion Planting for your Winter Vegetables

If you are serious about growing your own produce, you are already planting winter vegetables. But don't forget to add a few companion plants to keep pests away.

The Most Popular and Easiest House Plants

Not everyone has a talent to fill their house with lush green plants that overflow their pots, some just end up with a wilting, yellowed mess of dead leaves. In this article, we offer info on some of the most popular and easiest house plants.

Bottlebrush provides a splash of colour and attracts a wide range of wildlife and Bees

If you don't already have a bottlebrush in your garden to attract bees and wildlife, plan to add one this winter.

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The Significance Of Remo Nutrients As Hydroponics Nutrients

Remo nutrients offer an exceptional quality product that you can use to build a garden in your backyard or terrace area.

Unlock the Potential of your Garden during Lockdown!

When you're stuck at home for 3 weeks, you will be looking for something to do, so why not get out into the garden and start setting up a vegetable garden or herb patch.

Floral Arrangements with Succulents

Succulents are so easy to grow in the garden, both placed in pots or containers or a flower bed, and they produce more so easily that you can quite easily pick them now and again for beautiful floral arrangements.

These are the 4 Best Indoor Plants for Low Light

If you are looking to add some plants to your home for greenery and to bring nature indoors, here are some of the best plants for rooms with low light.

Inexpensive Arrangements with Foliage

I'm all about bringing nature into my home with floral arrangements but don't want to spend a fortune on fresh flowers - what other option is there?

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Botanical Bright creates Miniature Works of Garden Art

We've all come to love the beauty of succulents, and Botanical Bright's collection of miniature works of garden art are a pleasure to behold.

How to Get Rid of Termites in Your Garden

Learn about several ways you can get rid of termites in your garden.

Mushrooms around the base of trees is not a good sign

For the past couple of years I have been watching mushrooms sprout at the base of a large tree after every rain, but is this good or bad?

How to Grow and Care For Succulents

Succulents are very hardy plants that require little maintenance and will reward you with a beautiful show if you treat them with a bit of care.

Design an Interesting Succulent Garden

How to set out and create an interesting succulent garden to add a unique feature to your outdoor space.

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Six Best Trees for Small Yards

Designing a small yard with trees should give your garden that cozy and warm ambiance.

Grow Your Own Kitchen Herbs

If you like to grow your own kitchen herbs, you will love Garden Master's range of kitchen herb planters.

Add Plants to your Baby's Nursery

Not only do plants in a baby nursery add a touch of natural greenery to the room, they also purify and refresh the air and make it cleaner for your baby.

What Pest is that?

Are pests killing your plants or destroying your lawn. Here's an easy way to identify that pest and save your garden.

Smart Garden indoor gardening kits

The Smart Garden 9 and Smart Garden 3 indoor gardening kits helps you grow your favourite herbs, salad greens and plants using energy efficient LED grow lights

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Set up a grow tent at home

Grow tents can be a godsend for gardeners. If you’re planning to buy one, consider these tips to get you started.

Give lawn a boost for Spring

During the colder months of the year, your lawn goes into hibernation and it needs a boost to achieve a lush growth for Spring.

Easiest herbs to grow in your garden

When you love cooking, growing your own herbs makes a lot of sense - but it helps to know which herbs are the easiest to cultivate.

Ways to Add Permaculture to Your Garden

Permaculture gardening is an amazing way of growing your own food right in your garden.

A natural, green hedge offers a privacy solution

We all surround our homes with walls and high fences, but growing a natural, green hedge is an easy way to obtain privacy without the stark reminder of security.

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At home with nature

Indoor plants are a wonderful way to bring a touch of nature indoors and blur the lines between in and outdoors.

It's time to Prune your Roses

This time of year, when the weather is cooler, is the best time to prune your rose bushes.

Add Some Color to Your Garden

Chrysanthemum and perennials have been the classic symbol of the fall season as they are essential components in fall gardens.

Why you should use an organic weed killer

However ugly or annoying weeds are, do you really want to use poison to kill them?

How to keep your houseplants healthy

Your houseplants need regular care to keep them healthy, and removing dust from leaves is one way to keep your houseplants clean and glossy.

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Vegetable Gardens for Everyone

If you haven't yet heard about Tower Gardens, take a look at how this innovative design will be vegetable gardening of the future that is happening right now!

Create a Succulent Garden

Succulent gardens are gaining popularity as more homeowners realise the wide variety of succulents available and the amazing scope of possibilities for creating a garden that requires little or no watering.

Quick Tip: Banana Skins are Food for Plants

Did you know that banana skins are good for plants? Banana skins contain small amounts of potassium, nitrogen and magnesium and act as a slow-release fertilizer.

Creating a Vertical Edible Garden

Growing a vertical garden is not only easy, but it’s money and space-efficient.

Turn your lawn into a Sustainable Garden

Many homeowners with gardens are looking for ways to turn them into sustainable gardens.

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Leaf Mulch is Good for a Garden

As the leaves start to fall from the trees, don't remove this - it makes an excellent organic mulch for a garden.

Freshen a Home with Indoor Plants

Treat your home to some potted air freshener and bring houseplants into your living spaces.

Garden Herbs to Make Your Home Look and Feel Better Instantly

We look at six of the most popular herbs that you can use to make your home a happier, healthier place to live.

Sustainable gardening in a flat or apartment

Even if your outdoor space is a small balcony, that doesn't mean you have to forget about gardening. You can establish a thriving herb and veggie garden in small spaces.

Miniature Succulent Gardens pot-in-a-pot

Take a look at a new craze stirring up the Internet recently... miniature succulent gardens - a pot in a pot!

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Last Minute Decorating with Poinsettias

If you're rushing around for last minute decor ideas, don't overlook the beautiful deep red and green of the poinsettia plant - a traditional Christmas favourite.

Your own organic garden with Reel Gardening

Claire Reed of Reel Gardening has designed a simple and easy to use system for growing your own organic vegetables.

Create a stackable vertical-tier garden

It is possible to have a green oasis in your home - even in the smallest spaces.

Saving water in the home

You may be tired of everyone urging you to save water, but this natural resource has become very precious and we need to do everything we can to reduce usage.

Lawn care tips for healthy lush grass

With the arrival of Spring anyone that has a garden with lawn knows it’s time to start prepping for another year of growth and colour.

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Get creative with edges for borders and beds

Spring is almost here and it's time to start spending some time in the garden to have it looking good for the hot months ahead, so we put together a collection of creative ideas for edges around borders and beds.

Start making your own compost

A large percentage of our daily household waste is organic and this waste can easily be turned into compost that can be used to enrich the garden.

Winter Gardening tips with Garden Master

Given the cold weather, it may not seem like a great idea to get yourself outdoors but, putting in the work now means that you get to enjoy a thriving garden come spring/ summer.

Trim your hedges back

If left unattended, hedges can quickly become overgrown and straggly. Here's how to cut your hedges for a perfect manicured garden.

It's time to think about pruning

Pruning, a word and an action you should always prioritise, at least once a year.

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Benefits of an indoor herb garden

 You really can create your own herb garden indoors – all you need is a sunny balcony or, an unused space on your naturally-lit kitchen counter.

A Bee Friendly Garden

Recent research tells us that natural homes for bees are becoming less in abundance. Which means that planting a bee-friendly garden should become a priority when planning one. 

Quick Tip: Success with Cuttings

If it's time to repot houseplants, this is an opportunity to take cuttings and grow more plants for the home.

Water Wise Container Gardens

Container gardens are popular for enhancing the appearance of indoor and outdoors spaces. And containers themselves can serve as eye-catching focal points. Growing plants in containers is considered a water wise practice, providing certain guidelines are followed.

Spring Lawn Care

As the weather starts to warm up you'll be thinking of ways to add spring colour to the garden. Garden centres and Builders Garden section will soon be brimming with spring plants.

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Spring Lawn Care

If you want a lawn in tip-top condition for summer, now is the time to get going with Spring lawn care and treatment.

Trim trees and large shrubs now

If you haven't yet got round to trimming overgrown trees and large shrubs, now is the time to do it.

Time to prune your shrubs and trees

Plant growth slows down during the winter and there is less chance of infection when trimming - so grab your garden shears and get pruning!

Clean Indoor Air...Naturally!

When winter arrives, we close windows and doors to keep a home warm. Adding air purifying plants not only benefits air quality, but also removes toxins that we breathe.

Gardening made easy!

The handy Bosch ISIO III Grass & Shrub Shear cuts effortlessly around lawn edges and through small hedges and bushes.

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Plant colourful bulbs

It's almost time to pop into your local garden centre and stock up on bulbs for spring. Here are some of the easiest bulbs to grow in your garden - or in pots.

Crafty ideas for hanging plants 

Hanging plants are a wonderful way to bring a touch of the garden to your indoor spaces. We look at crafty ideas for hanging plants. 

Spring planting in a drought

Spring has definitely arrived, but in many parts of the country we are experiencing severe drought conditions. We offer some tips on having a beautiful garden that doesn't rely on regular watering.

Grow your own cat grass

Cat grass - dactylis glomerata - keeps your cat entertained and happy, and it's so easy to grow your own cat grass from seed.

Avoid expensive legal battles

House, cluster or townhouse - there will always be issues with neighbours. We offer some sensible advice on how to avoid conflict that could result in an expensive legal battle.

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Modern vertical boxes

Using affordable materials found at your local Builders Warehouse you can make your own modern vertical garden for kitchen herbs and small salad veggies.

Plants suitable for a bathroom

Use plants to freshen up a bathroom. There are plant varieties that will be more at home in a bathroom since lighting, humidity and temperature play a large part on which plants are best for a bathroom.

Mosaic planter

I wanted a small planter for outside on the patio and decided to go with a mosaic planter using mosaic tiles that match the upholstered cushions on the outdoor sofa.

Your garden in March

Around the country the cooler mornings and evenings herald the beginning of Autumn and an indication that it's time for some maintenance in the garden to prepare for winter.

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Grow butternut, cucumber and gem squash

While watching the gutter garden grow  I thought it might be nice to grow cucumbers, butternut and gem squash. I haven't grown these before but I have a large strawberry pot that would be perfect for them.

Set up herb and veggie gutter garden

With all the mini improvements taking place the small veggie garden that I had outside the door is no more. To take its place, and keep the kitchen supplied with fresh herbs and salad veggies, I planted a gutter garden.

JoJo rainwater harvesting tanks

Next on my list of things to do is to add a Jo Jo rainwater harvesting tank. If the rain that we had last year is anything to go by, it will fill up the tank quickly.

Colourful easy to care for plants

 In the spirit of wanting a beautiful garden without having to worry about drooping plants, I am busy potting up a collection of indigenous varieties and succulents.

Aloe vera - water-wise and has useful health benefits

Aloe vera features in many South African gardens as an ornamental plant due to its drought-resistance and interesting form - making it a useful plant for rockeries and low-maintenance landscaping.

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Tomatoes and potatoes on a single plant

Here's some good news for garden enthusiasts who like to grow their own veggies. Sometime in the future you will be able to grown tomatoes and potatoes on one plant... the TomTato plant.

Make a flower cascade

Spring has sprung and colourful annuals are everywhere. Here's how to create a beautiful colourful petunia flower cascade for your garden or patio.

A lush green - environmentally friendly - lawn

Having a lush green lawn is easier than you think if you use the right tools. You can be both efficient with your gardening and eco-conscious.

The beauty of air plants - Tillandsia

Air plants - Tillandsia - take their nutrients from the air and all they require is light (not direct sunlight) and an occasional misting of water from a spray. Buy a couple of plants and pot them up in timber offcuts, blocks of wood, or even seashells.

How to propagate your own Rosemary

Growing Rosemary doesn't require any special gardening skills and it seems to grow with only regular maintenance. Buying Rosemary plants, however, can be expensive.

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Foolproof gardens - for those without green fingers!

Having a beautiful garden to look at or lounge in can be hard work, but for those that don't have 'green fingers' there are plenty of ideas to have a gorgeous garden without the hard work.

Vertical gardens add natural interest

This garden shop located in San Francisco offers wonderful items for garden and home Flora and her team come up with the most amazing ideas for home decor using plants and accessories, and in this feature I want to share with you some vertical garden ideas.

Add summer colour to the garden

As we move into spring, now is the perfect time to head off to your local garden centre. If your garden is lacking in colour and texture, here are a few ways to add colour to a garden. Cannas look their best in the mixed herbaceous border.

Prepare your garden for spring

As we move into August, there's no better time to get out into the garden and start preparing beds for spring planting. Even if you have an established garden, there are going to be tasks and projects that need to be done before the days start hotting up.

Reap the fruit and veg of your labours

Eating foods grown in your own vegetable garden means you won't be contributing to the carbon footprint left behind by the "food miles" it takes to bring imported produce to your local grocers - so you're helping the environment, too.

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Primulas - a riot of winter colour

As the cooler weather sets in, Primulas are a beautiful addition to a garden getting ready to rest for the winter months, and their glorious colour extends the beauty of a small garden even more.

How to grow your own garlic

There's a bulb that not many gardeners think about, yet it's relatively easy to grow and provides you with a fresh, home grown supply that's healthy and a must-have ingredient for many recipes.

Suburban herb garden

If you live in a townhouse, flat or apartment and don't have access to a garden, here's a way to recycle empty tins into colourful containers for herbs and plants.

Add colour to your garden with this vegetable

Swiss Chard Beta vulgaris ‘Bright Lights’ has to be one of the easiest and most colourful vegetables that you can add to a garden.

Plant ornamental grasses for a water wise garden

As the heat becomes intense many garden plant varieties tend to wilt from lack of water. Ornamental grasses are not only boldly dramatic, they know how to tough it out in the heat of summer.

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Plant a vertical garden

Plant a wall-mounted vertical garden to let plants grow over a wall rather than in the ground or in containers. You can use this idea for both indoor and outdoor wall displays.

Grow fresh herbs in your kitchen

You can have fresh herbs all year round with a built in countertop herb garden. The only requirement is that the plants receive a fair amount of light during the day, so preferably place close to a window.

Tips for a recycled garden

Although I have a small garden, I have tried to fill the space as much as possible with plants that I love. I truly believe that the success of the garden is due to the fact that I recycle everything that grows.

An almost water-free garden

We're always looking for shortcuts and ways to save time, and establishing an indigenous or succulent garden is one of the ways to spend less time gardening and watering, and more time actually enjoying or relaxing in the garden.

Growing my own

I finally managed to get into the garden and get my veggie and herb section started.

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Herbal tea

A cup of herbal tea a day could very well keep the doctor away!

Give your lawn a makeover

It's not easy to determine a single problem when areas of your lawn start to go brown or die, but there are ways that you can learn to identify individual problems and the solution required.

A greener garden without using more water

Got a water-waster on your street who overwaters his lawn (and driveway)? Thinking about busting up your concrete driveway for something a little more eco-friendly? Here are some tips for turning a manicured lawn into a more natural place.

Know your garden and be water wise

The first step when determining a watering regimen is to test your soil’s water-holding capacity. This easy test is a much better way to figure out when to water than waiting for plants to wilt.

Protect your garden from frost

 Not only does winter make everything look dull and lifeless, it can also cause quite a bit of damage to your garden if you are not careful.

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Wall hanging herb garden

For the herbs I have planted some here and there in the new bed that I am busy building, but I have also made a herb garden that is mounted right next to the door, so that I can easily pick off a few for cooking.

An edible garden

Edible landscaping is quickly becoming more attractive amid soaring food prices, rising fuel costs, alarming pesticide scares, and increased environmental awareness.

Establish and grow a kitchen garden

A kitchen garden - or potager - is the perfect way to start growing your own herbs and fresh vegetables.

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Control moles in a garden

Moles can ruin the appearance of your lawns and flower beds, and their tunnels damage the roots of young plants, flowers and vegetables.

Potted pleasures

Many people do not have large gardens, either by design or through necessity. Fortunately, a number of bulbs lend themselves to being grown successfully in pots, tubs, window boxes or other containers.

How to prune a tree or large shrub

Pruning stimulates growth and the ultimate goal is to encourage the tree to grow strong, healthy branches headed in the right direction.

Wonderful potted gardens

There's more than one way to plant up a pot. Be inspired by these wonderful potted designs.

A shoe holders is great for a hanging herb garden

I came across this project on Instructables and thought that this is a great idea for growing small kitchen veggies and herbs, especially for those living in a flat or townhouse with a small balcony.

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Trendy house plants

Whether your thumb is green or not, a great houseplant does round out a room. Gravitate to varieties that can act as green sculptures, adding shape as well as liveliness to an interior - a bigger specimen is always better than waiting for a smaller one to grow to optimum size.

A lush green garden all year round!

Artificial grass has been around for a long time and ongoing development has resulted in a product of outstanding quality and durability.

Imaginative use of recycled items for containers

There are many ways to have container displays in the garden. After searching the Internet for ideas I found some very unique ways to add a touch of container style to a garden or balcony.

Perfect edges!

Inside the house or out, a clean, smooth line provides a finished look and a sense of clarity to an area. In my garden, a razor-sharp edge serves as a stage that sets off the careful planning and maintenance I do.

Anyone for golf!

There are two types of golf widows: Those who prefer their men to disappear for hours on end and those that wish their men would spend more time at home. If you consider yourself to be the latter, perhaps it's time to consider the installation of a small putting green in the garden!

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How to lay instant lawn

If your lawn suffers from acute soil compaction, rampant weed problems, heavy thatch or organic matter deficiencies, you may want to remove the existing weeds and grass and start anew.

How to plan a garden

Because a garden is a practical and visual extension of the house, it is logical to give its style and layout careful consideration.

Grow your own fresh vegetables

With grocery bills climbing planning a vegetable garden this year, growing your own is a matter of Rands and sense. Can planting a veggie patch really save you money?

Shade loving plants

Having a shady garden has resulted in a garden that lacks colour, although I do tend to add a bit of colour here and there with painted furniture and pots.

Create a Lawn of Your Dreams

Thoughts about a luxury lawn in front of the house have been tormenting us since the middle of winter, but often the idea is postponed year after year.

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How To Grow Plants Indoors Without Failing

Technology has come to the rescue of individuals who love the opportunity to grow plants but who do not have the luxury of garden space.

Breathe Life into a Tired Garden Lawn

How you can breathe life into even the most jaded garden lawn.

How To Start A Vegetable Patch

The easiest way to get started in creating your own vegetable patch is simply to do it!

Buy the Right Lawn Mower

The best way you can buy a quality lawn mower is by making use of these five tips to buying the right lawn mower.

How To Get The Best Looking Lawn This Summer

Here are a few ways to get the best-looking lawn.

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Plants that repel spiders- know about it here!

In this article we have mentioned a few plants that repel spiders.

Garden Maintenance Tips

If you live in Australia, keeping your garden healthy all year round may prove to be difficult given the fact that winter crop production is expected to dwindle to around 20 percent this year due to drought.

What You Need To Know About Nematodes

Nematodes are responsible for injured root tips, galls, root knots, leaf galls, excessive branching of roots, dying tissue, and distorted leaves.

How To Spot A Weed In Your Garden

When weeds make an appearance throughout your garden, the beauty you created will be diminished, so here's how to identify common weeds.

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6 Steps to Caring for Hyacinth Until They Fully Bloom

Below are 6 are steps to caring for hyacinth until they fully bloom.

How Lawn Care Increases Your Property's Value

In this article are a couple of ways that lawn care and landscaping can affect the value of your property.

Indoor Gardening - What you should know

In this article are a couple of ways that lawn care and landscaping can affect the value of your property.

Buying the Right G-LED

We offer information to help you buy the right G-LED

Lawn Care Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Every gardener should have a selection of basic tools for gardening.

Definitive Guide for A Successful Garden

In this article, we offer a definitive guide for successful home gardening.

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15 Essential Tools You Should Have In Your Shed

Below are a few essential garden tools that can help you grow and maintain a perfect garden.

5 Things to Look for in Your LED Grow Lights

When shopping for LED grow lights in Canada, the US, or anywhere else in the world, there are a few things you need to look for.

How to Design a Greenhouse for Your Home

Some people focus on filling the larder, while others wish to tenderly care for herbs or specialty plantings and in all of these situations, a greenhouse is ideal.

Gardening in any climate

If you have access to a piece of land for gardening purposes, take advantage of gardening for any climate.

February Gardening Tips in 4 Stages

A new year is all about new beginnings and now is the perfect time for stock-taking to determine if your beloved garden requires an overhaul or just a fix-up

5 DIY Lawn Care Tips to Get a Beautiful Lawn

Yes, you can also own a beautiful lawn just like your neighbors. Want to know how? Keep reading to get the tips!

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5 Tips for Your First Winter Vegetable Garden

Here are 5 tips to help you to establish a winter vegetable garden.

4 Tips On Setting Up Your Greenhouse

This article provides you with some of the best tips for setting up a greenhouse.

What is the Best Grow Box?

If you are interested in having a grow box inside your home, here is a guide to finding the best one for your space.

Tips on How to Remove Creeping Charlie

For a homeowner struggling to get rid of this stubborn weed, you should check out the tips below.

How To Protect Your Backyard from Mole Damage

Moles have the ability to cause a lot of damage, so do we protect our garden and backyard from an invasion?

6 Best Places To Place An Artificial Tree In Your Home

Artificial plants used to have the reputation of being tacky and inferior, but technology and modern methods changed all that.

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8 Best Pest Control Tips To Keep Jerusalem Crickets Away From Your Garden

Is it possible to remove Jerusalem crickets from your garden without harming the plants? The answer is yes. Here are some home remedies for you to try out.

Why Choose an ISA Certified Arborist for Your Tree Care?

When you need help cleaning up a lot after a major storm or you need to get a report on the health of your trees, an arborist can provide these services.

The Best Plants to Add to Your Garden This Summer

Whether you are looking for something new, or are just not sure what to plant for the summer, the plants below are well worth checking out.

Seasonal Planting Tips For Window Flower Boxes

By selecting a combination of flowering plants that bloom at different times throughout the year, you can ensure a continuous display of color by planting up window boxes.

3 Creative Ways to Incorporate Indoor Plants into Your Home Decor

If you're looking to elevate your home decor with a natural touch, here are three creative ways to do so.

Essential Garden Tools to Start Your Gardening Expedition

Gardening is a rewarding activity to engage yourself fully. It combines physical activeness, social interaction, and exposure to nature and sunlight.

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