Grow Herbs For Your Cocktails And Drinks

If you enjoy presenting guests and friends with a variety of cocktails and drinks, we offer some helpful tips on growing herbs that can be added to different cocktails and drinks.




If you have been spending more time at home lately, could be that you have been treating guests and friends to various cocktails and drinks. If this is you, we offer some advice on growing herbs that can be added to various cocktail drinks.

You don't need to be a huge herb fan or have a herb garden to appreciate some of the herbs listed below. All you need are a few planting containers, a bag or quality potting soil and a sunny place to put your potted herbs. They won't take up a lot of space if you use smallish containers and you can grow them on a kitchen windowsill, a shelf mounted in front of a sunny window, or out in the garden or on a patio or balcony.


If you have never thought about using fresh herbs before when preparing drinks, pop onto the Web and browse around for recipes you can use when you next entertain friends or guests.



Who hasn't heard of a Mojito cocktail? -one of the most popular cocktail drinks. But what would a Mojito be without fresh mint? There are plenty of easy-to-grow herbs that can be grown in pots in the garden or in the home, that can be used to add fresh flavour to cocktails and drinks. We offer our top 5 herbs to grow in the garden - herbs that an be added to a variety of different cocktails.



I am sure there are plenty of gardeners out there who have a patch or two of common variety garden mint. This plant is so easy to grow that it can quickly overtake a garden bed, which is why it is best grown in containers. You can buy seeds or seedlings and plant these in a sunny spot and with regular watering, it won't be long before you have your own spearmint for adding to cocktails and drinks.






Another easy plant to grow is lavender. Add a sprig of lavender to gin and vodka drinks or to infuse into soda water and they impart colour and flavour to these cocktails. You can also add a few lavender flowers into fizzy lemonade drinks. Lavender is not only good for adding to drinks, but you can use it to add a subtle scent to your home, add a sprig to drawers or closets, or even sprinkle a few flowers in your bathtub.




There are many different varieties of basil, but the two most popular types for mixing with drinks is sweet or lemon basil. Add a few leaves of sweet basil to gin or vodka for sweet flavour, or use lemon basil for citrus flavours. And don't forget that basil is great is so many recipes, so always have some growing in the kitchen.




Great for meals and wonderful for a variety of cocktails, a sprig of Rosemary adding to gin or vodka cocktails will provide a fresh herby twist. Rosemary loves gin and you can make drinks using only a small sprig of rosemary. Pop onto Google and search "cocktails with rosemary" to see some great drink recipes.









Unlike most of the herbs above that can only be mixed with white spirits, sage can be combined with both white and brown spirits. Think sage and bourbon or sage and tequila. Sage is actually a member of the mint family and imparts a sweet, earthy flavour to drinks and foods.






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