Create a Succulent Garden

Succulent gardens are gaining popularity as more homeowners realise the wide variety of succulents available and the amazing scope of possibilities for creating a garden that requires little or no watering.

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Succulent garden design is a growing trend that is gaining popularity as more and more gardeners realise the potential of this unusual and varied plant species that requires almost zero maintenance.

Until recently, it was very unusual to see gardens that incorporated succulents as the main focus. Now there are indoor and outdoor gardens, patios and courtyards in both residential and corporate environments that look to succulents to add interest, colour and texture while requiring very little maintenance. - 374150681542092743/

The beautiful array of succulents can now be found in garden centres around the country and you can pick your favourite plants to decorate your garden. What makes succulents so popular is that they grow very quickly, can be easily propagated, yet require almost no water, are not fussy about soil, and love the heat. What more could you want from a plant!

Given the nickname of being the 'camel' of plants, succulents will tolerate a wide scope of conditions, including drought. Whether you are situated along the coastal regions, inland where it's hot and dry, or in a greenbelt, succulents grow amazingly well under all conditions - 637470522235669078/

Growing Succulents

One fantastic benefit of designing a garden using succulents is that you don't need to have a green thumb. Successfully growing succulents is easier than you may think. The only requirement these plants have is that the soil drains quickly so their root system doesn't stay wet. To overcome this you should simply plant succulents in a bed topped off with gravel or shale that will allow fast drainage during the rainy season.

GOOD TO KNOW: If the soil in your garden contains a lot of clay, be sure to incorporate plenty of organic material to break it up and ensure good drainage. - 674836325389524878/



Succulents are definitely not fussy plants and you don't have to plant them in a hole for them to establish themselves. Combine soil and pea gravel to ensure the planting area will be well drained and then use your hands to make a small hole for planting. Do place these sun-loving plants in a sunny spot and you will soon be rewarded with a glorious display. - 686447168182585792/

Colourful and Interesting

When deciding on the types of succulents you want to use for your garden, look at growing height in order to position taller growing plants at the back and low-growing plants closer to the front. Your local garden centre will be able to offer the best advice on planting a garden or creating a succulent garden.

Another easy way to decide what will work best is to use the Internet. With so many gardeners planting up succulent gardens you will find plenty of information on different plants, growth habits and the like. That way, when you pop into your local garden centre you will already have an idea in mind of the plants you want to buy. - 450782243950901715/

With water restrictions in mind, you can easily create a low-maintenance garden that is stunning. Succulents are the perfect plants for drought-resistant gardens, mostly due to the fact that they can withstand our rainy seasons (when planted properly) and long periods of dry spells.



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