Tower Gardens - Vegetable Gardens for Everyone

If you haven't yet heard about Tower Gardens, take a look at how this innovative design will be vegetable gardening of the future that is happening right now!


We've all seen and heard, and perhaps even tried, gutter gardens using PVC or galvanised steel gutters to grow small vegetables and plants. But tower gardens are what's happening right now and the innovative design may well be how we all grow our vegetables in the future.



We are all concerned about climate change and this also affects the way we think about food production. Transportation of food from farms to urban markets not only adds to product cost increases but also negatively impacts the environment. There are now numerous organisations that are encouraging us to grow at home and more people are looking towards locally grown vegetables.

Hydroponics is fast becoming a trend amongst home growers, however, costly capital layout and lack of knowledge makes these grow methods inaccessible to the average homeowner or gardener. The HiGro Tower Garden is an innovation that combines functionality and cost, with a retail price under R2,000. 



Tower gardens, as the name implies, is a system of growing vegetables in a tower system. This system allows urban households to grow their own vegetables in a way that requires very little space - even on a balcony. This high-density system can accommodate up to 48 healthy plants in a single tower or column that takes up no more space than a large flower pot.

One company that supplies the tower garden system in South Africa is Lighthouse Emporium. They offer a system of HiGrow Tower Gardens that can accommodate up to 48 plants per tower.



How to tower garden works

The HiGro Tower Garden requires no electricity to run and is manually irrigated by means of a compression sprayer. Apart from being extremely eco-friendly, the Higro Tower Garden is water wise and uses less than 5 litres of water a day.

Rather than conventional gardening where soil is used for the growth, the HiGrow uses a plant fertiliser that is mixed with the water and fed through the tower via a compression sprayer. This water is then pumped up through the drip lines to each segment. Each segment houses 6 plants grown in coir, a renewable rooting medium.

All water run-off is easily collected under the column and recycled back into the irrigation cycle to ensure that no water is wasted in the process.

How to set up a tower garden

To set up your HiGrow Tower Garden, select the optimum location for sunlight. The HiGrow system requires that you should have full sun in winter and part shade in summer.



The HiGro tower is suspended from a strong beam or girder that allows it to hang within a space of no less than 2 metres in height. Your beam should carry the weight of a grown man. Once the HiGrow is in place you can decide what you want to grow in the tower.

With this system you can grow a variety of home greens and fruits, as well as annuals and perennials and moreā€¦ without any effort and in a compact space. Setting up your own tower garden will reduce your monthly grocery bill and grow your own healthy veggies.

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