Tips on How to Remove Creeping Charlie

For a homeowner struggling to get rid of this stubborn weed, you should check out the tips below.





Creeping Charlie is a common weed that many encounters on their lawn. Unfortunately, it is a hard-to-kill weed that is also referred to as ground ivy. Once creeping Charlie starts to invade your home, it will spread quickly and cannot be eliminated easily.

If you are a homeowner struggling to get rid of this stubborn weed, you should check out these tips. These tips will surely help you eliminate creeping Charlie and prevent it from spreading across your property.


Eliminate through Hand-Pulling

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of creeping Charlie from your lawn is to remove it by hand-pulling. However, you must understand that creeping Charlie is a very tough weed to eliminate, and even hand-pulling may not be effective in eliminating this weed forever if done improperly.

Creeping Charlie has rooted nodes throughout their vines which can regenerate new weeds in no time if not removed. Therefore, if you wanted to go for a natural way of how to kill creeping Charlie effectively, here’s what you need to do.


Trim the Leaves

The very first step you must do when removing creeping Charlie from your lawn is to trim the leaves and a little bit of the stem. This is important so that you can see where the stems emerged from the soil.


Bag All the Trimmings

When trimming the creeping Charlie, make sure not to place the trimmings on the soil. Instead, grab a trash bag and place them inside to avoid spreading plant fragments on the ground, which can regenerate.

Additionally, creeping Charlie is edible and is a part of the mint family, so you can put that trimming to good use and make a soup or tea. This weed also has a long medicinal history and was known as a cure-it-all herbal medicine.


Soak the Soil

After you figure out where the weed’s stem emerged and ensure that all the trimmings are properly discarded, the next step you must do is soak the soil with water. Saturate the soil around the creeping Charlie with water and leave it for an hour to soak.

Water will help loosen up the grip of creeping Charlie’s roots on the ground. Once the roots are loosened, it will be easy for you to pull them out. Alternatively, it is also best to pull the weeds after a rainstorm to soften the soil, and the roots are very loose.


Loosen up the Soil

Once the soil is soft enough, you will need to loosen it up using a pitchfork. When you loosen up the soil, make sure that the roots and rhizomes of the creeping Charlie are exposed for easy pulling.


Start Pulling Creeping Charlie

Now that the soil is soft and the roots are exposed, it is time to pull out the weeds. Hold the creeping Charlie at its base and gently pull it out from the soil, ensuring the roots are coming out. If you encounter deep roots, it is best to use a pitchfork to help you remove them.

Once again, never place the weeds on the ground. Instead, put them in a plastic bag to avoid any plant particles reaching the ground again and cause another invasion.


Check the Perimeter

Check the ground for any leftover weeds that are not pulled out correctly. Also, look for trimmings or any creeping charlie debris on the ground and remove them. Clean the perimeter and never let a single charlie trimmings be left on the ground.


Repeat the Process

Check for any regrowth of creeping Charlie on your lawn and repeat the process. Missing some charlie root is inevitable, which is why it is best to keep an eye on your lawn and repeat the process once you notice a regrowth.


Eliminate by Herbicide

The second option for eliminating creeping Charlie is a herbicide. If you do not mind using chemicals on your lawn, you might prefer to go with this option. This is also advisable if you are dealing with a massive patch of creeping Charlie.

Big patches of Charlie on your lawn can be difficult to eliminate by hand-pulling as it will take more time and effort. However, if you will use a chemical, the process will be fast and easy for you. Here are some tips you should remember if you opt for killing the creeping Charlie with herbicide.


  1. The best time to spray creeping Charlie with a herbicide is after the first frost in fall.
  2. Ensure that there will be no wind during the application of the herbicide to avoid the chemicals from reaching other plants in your lawn.
  3. Check the weather and make sure to apply the herbicide on a day where it will not rain or snow within 24 hours.
  4. Leave the chemicals on the creeping Charlie throughout the winter as the chemical will slowly kill the weed, and it will wilt to the ground and become compost for your soil.
  5. Rake all the remaining creeping charlie debris during the spring and repair the soil. It is also best to plant on the soil with a plant of your choice to avoid creeping Charlie from ever coming back.


But as a reminder, it is best to avoid treating weeds, including creeping Charlie with weed killer as it is known to cause cancer.


Difficult but Not Impossible

No matter how stubborn creeping charlie is, if you do the elimination properly, you will surely win the battle and get rid of them permanently. With all the tips you have learned today, you are now ready to start the operation and kill all the creeping Charlie on your lawn. 





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