Add Plants to your Baby's Nursery

Not only do plants in a baby nursery add a touch of natural greenery to the room, they also purify and refresh the air and make it cleaner for your baby.

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Plants in a home are a natural way to bring the beauty of Mother Nature into the home. Certain indoor plants also have the ability to remove toxins from the air and refresh the air that we breathe. That's why you should incorporate at least one plant in your nursery decor. Because what mom doesn't want the best for her baby. - 546202261053529812/

Research has shown that taking time out to reflect and relax and be surrounding by nature has a psychological and physiological affect on our bodies and mind. Take a deep breath... breathe in the clean air in a forest, or spread your arms wide on a lush, green hillside. As adults, we have the ability to take ourselves to places where we can de-stress and detox our bodies and minds.


Adding plants to your indoor spaces also acts as a natural air filtration system, by converting carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen, plus being able to remove VOCs and toxins from the air. - 546202261053536302/





When decorating the nursery for a new baby, the least you might do is give the room a coat or two of new paint. You may also buy new furniture and accessories for the room; refresh the cot or crib, hang new curtains, and so on. All of these will affect the air quality in the nursery by introducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that gas-off from almost everything that is new. - 524176844123502626/?nic=1

Even though you do all the above well in advance, or leave the windows open for a few days, it takes quite a few months for many new items to completely gas-off. Think of that new car smell, or breathe in the scents of a new home. What you are breathing in is actually VOCs. They might smell nice but they aren't good for you. Specific indoor plants have the ability to filter the air, absorb VOCs that you would normally breathe in, and refresh the air with clean oxygen. Even just a plant or two in the nursery will have an impact on air quality.

Mother-In-Laws Tongue (Sansevieria) is a wonderful plant for a nursery. They are extremely easy to care for, don't mind low light, and excellent at purifying air quality. - 95208979606489042/

Your new baby spends the majority of his or her time sleeping or resting in the nursery. Selecting the right plants will ensure that they breathe clean, fresh air that is beneficial to your child's health. You can ask for advice at your local garden centre for the best plants for a nursery or baby's bedroom, or do some research online to see what are the best plants for indoors.





As your child grows, don't forget that every room needs at least one plant to keep air quality fresh and clean. - 330944272615469722/



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