Quick Tip: How to keep your houseplants healthy

Your houseplants need regular care to keep them healthy, and removing dust from leaves is one way to keep your houseplants clean and glossy.


Your indoor plants need regular TLC to keep them healthy, and removing dust from leaves is one way to keep your houseplants clean and for a glossy foliage.



Houseplants that have dusty leaves can quickly become diseased if they can't properly synthesize natural light. Dusting and cleaning the leaves on a regular basis will limit disease and pests and also help keep your houseplants looking their best and let them soak up the required amount of natural light.

Use a microfibre cloth

The easiest and most gentle way to keep leaves clear of dust and dirt is to use a microfibre cloth. These cloths immediately attract and hold the dust from leaves, cleaning your plants without any damage.

GOOD TO KNOW: This method is not recommended for plants with hairy leaves.

Fold over the cloth so that you have different sides to remove all the dust a single microfibre cloth.

Gently wipe the cloth over the length of the leaf from one end to the other - in a single stroke. Repeat if there is any remaining dust of the leaf. Wash your microfibre cloth after use and put this aside so that you don't use it for anything else.

Keep your houseplants healthy

Keeping your houseplants clean of dust should be done whenever they need it. I do a lot of DIY at home, so regularly get dust in the house. My cleaning regimen is done once a month and my houseplants really do appreciate the attention.

When cleaning your plants you can also check for any type of insect infestation, especially since a lot of bugs like to hide underneath the leaves and down by the base of leaf or flower stems.

Remove any dead or decaying leaves or flower stems from houseplants as soon as possible. Keep a pair of sharp manicure scissors at hand for this, as these will cut close to the base. Insects will be attracted to decaying leaves, so toss these in the bin.

For houseplants with hairy leaves, use a soft brush to keep the leave clean of dust or dirt. You can also use a soft brush if you have any cactus or spiny plants or even succulents.



For healthy green plants a regular dusting with a microfibre cloth and you can give them a shower every 6 months or so with a spritzer or spray bottle filled with lukewarm water. I like to do this every year around spring, when plants appreciate the refreshment ready for the growing season ahead.



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