Plants that repel spiders- know about it here!

In this article we have mentioned a few plants that repel spiders.


Are you having lots of spiders in your house? Well, it is common I know but sometimes it irritates you and you wish to get rid of them at any cost. If you are scared of spiders or allergic to spiders then this is the post for you, here in this post we have mentioned a few plants that repel spiders. You can plant these plants in your house so that spiders cannot stay in your house. Do not use any pesticide or chemical to kill those as using these in your house can be harmful so go with an eco-friendly method to get rid of them.

Plants will not only help to repel the spiders but also will add beauty to your house. So, have a look at the description of these spider repelling plants.

• Eucalyptus-

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The leaves of eucalyptus helps keep away different type of pest from your house it is one of the spiders repelling plant and leaves of this plant can also deter mosquito from coming inside your house. You can create the smoke of leaves of this plant and this will serve as a repellent for spiders.

There are both tall and dwarf versions so if you want to plant it inside your house instead of using smoke then go with the dwarf variety. These plants can grow nicely inside the house as they have the ability to survive in a harsh climate.

• Peppermint-

This is another wonderful spider repelling plant which you can grow inside your home. Not only spiders but another pest is also repelled by this plant. Peppermint is a hybrid of spearmint as well as water mint plant. Oil of this plant acts as a natural pesticide and it is known as pulegone. The smell of this plant is pungent as well as crisp which deters the spider from coming inside your home. If you keep peppermint in the sun then it will further increase the potency of oil quality. In shade also, this plant can survive without any problem.

• Lavender-

Spider and other pest get repelled by lavender. The distinct odor of this plant is capable of repelling pests which otherwise may enter inside your house. This plant also acts as room freshener because of its pleasant smell. Best place for growing this plant is an open area where there is exposure to the sun. you can take out the oil from the plant and sprinkle is across your home to resist spiders as well as other insects.

• Basil-

It is an herb which can be kept near winder where sunlight falls. It is a medicinal plant and can also be used in culinary. It is also a plant which helps repel spiders in the house. You can mix basil extract with vodka and the anti-spider repellent will be ready! This is cheap as well as an effective process. There is no adverse effect of this plant on human and it is easy to main so you can easily grow it inside the house, Necessary condition to grow them it that soil must be moist.

• Citronella-

Commonly known as lemongrass is another example of a spider repellent plant. It can easily repel other mosquitoes and it can keep your home clean. The oil extract of this plant is good for repelling spiders.

There is a unique smell offered by this plant, this unique smell is because of the acid present in its leaves which make spider go away from it. Growing plant in winters is hard and it may not survive in extremely cold weather. If you are living in a cold place then you are recommended to grow this plant in a pot or container.

• Lemon balm-

It is a famous herbal tea plant. However, this is also the best spider repellent plant. It is having a strong scent which deters files as well as spiders. Lemon balm is quite easy to plant. You need to have the drained soil so as to grow this plant. You can keep this plant under light and it can even thrive without sunlight. If you see flower buds then you require pruning them or else it will lose its aromatic property as well as become less effective against the spider.

• Lemon verbenas-


This is spider repellant plant which is having a distinct smell that cannot be resisted by bugs or pests so they move away. When you plant it inside your house then it will keep away spiders. Other purposes for which plant can be used it adding flavor to fish and continental dish. As these plants have perennial nature so they have height 3 to 2 meters.

• Rosemary-

This is a plant which is effective against repelling spider. There is a strong odor of this plant and it is best for keeping away spider, one can easily plant as well as grow in a small pot. A good place to keep it is either pot in the herbal garden. You need the soil to be loamy as well as well drained in order to grow it.

This plant can thrive well in a place where there is sunlight for 6 hours.

We hope you have read all the necessary spider repellant plant and condition required to grow them in your house. Now you can easily grow the plant which you think is best for keeping spider away. You are not only keeping spider or pest away from your home but you are becoming eco-friendly, also you are adding natural beauty to your house.

When there won’t be spiders in your house, it will not look like a haunted house, you will not more be scared by these spiders and it will be clean. If you don’t take necessary steps to keep spiders away from your house then your house will get spider webs in every corner and their number will increase and then when you will try to clean them it will be too messy and irritating. So, which plant is your favorite and which one are you going to plant in your house?



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