Packed veggies

I came across this project on Instructables and thought that this is a great idea for growing small kitchen veggies and herbs, especially for those living in a flat or townhouse with a small balcony.


The design is ever so simple and you can use a fabric shoe organiser that you can buy at most discount or home stores.



Attach two hooks onto the wall and insert a 25mm chrome pipe or curtain rod. To hang the organiser use sturdy hooks - meat hooks if you can find them - that fits over the top of the rail and hooks onto the shoe organiser. If you can't find any hooks, I'm sure that twine would work just as well.

Once securely mounted, add a mixture of potting soil and water-retention granules to the bottom of the compartments, leaving enough space for your seedlings (or fill to higher if you are going to plant seeds but don't overfill with soil as this will spill over when watered). Pop in your seedlings (or seeds) and pack more soil around for a snug fit. Water regularly and feed weekly with an organic fertilizer for veggies.




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