What is the Best Grow Box?

If you are interested in having a grow box inside your home, here is a guide to finding the best one for your space.





Gone are the days when we used to settle with fake plants because we do not know how to take care of real ones, and nobody really has time for that. Over the years, more and more people become interested in taking care of plants -- either to use them as decor inside their homes or to grow them in their garden.

The thing is, for people who want to grow vegetable plants and herbs, they do need a space outside their homes for these. However, not all of us have that yard for vegetable gardening. And some really do not have the perfect climate for that. Well, this is what a grow box is for. If you are interested in having a grow box inside your home, either for herbs or cannabis, here is a guide to finding the best one for your space.


What is a grow box?

Grow boxes are made to serve as an alternative space for those who do not have a yard or garden. It is an enclosed system meant to foster vegetable plants, flowers, and herbs. People also use a grow box to continue growing plants during colder months.

The good thing about grow boxes is they are compact, which means it is perfect even indoors with smaller spaces. You can also purchase ones that look like cabinets on the outside so they can easily blend in with your furniture. And most importantly, grow boxes are pretty straightforward to use. It is easy to assemble, and all you need is your soil and your seeds, and you are good to go.


How can I find the best grow box for me?

Now, if you look up the ‘grow box’ online, several results will pop up. How would you know which one is the best for you? Here are some things you should consider:


Your knowledge in grow boxes

It is vital to take into consideration your experience in using grow boxes. If you are just a first-time user, opt for “dummy-proof” systems that are easier to use and understand.


Type of grow box

Know the two main types of grow boxes: active and passive. Active grow boxes have pumps that continuously circulate and recycle the water in the system, while the passive ones do not have any pumps. Instead, passive grow boxes utilise gravity to help keep the water moving.



Consider the space you want to allot for your grow box. Grow boxes are usually compact already, but you can still find a variety of sizes in the market depending on what type and how many plants you are planning to grow.


Type of plants you want to grow

Of course, you should also keep in mind the type of plants you are planning to grow. For example, if you are thinking of planting cannabis or weeds, it is best to find the grow boxes to cater to those types of plants.


Style of grow box

Grow boxes also come in different styles with their exterior. There are now those who look like cabinets outside to match your furniture, so it would not be evident that you have some plants growing inside your home.

The best type of grow box depends on what you need and how you would use it. Just keep in mind all of these considerations when shopping for one, so you would be guided when finding the best grow box for you.





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