Inexpensive Arrangements with Foliage

I'm all about bringing nature into my home with floral arrangements but don't want to spend a fortune on fresh flowers - what other option is there?

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Not many can afford to purchase fresh flower arrangements on a weekly basis, and yet we all want to add a touch of greenery to our homes. In this article, we look at an inexpensive and easy solution to add a touch of nature to your rooms without the expensive price tag that comes with buying fresh flowers at your local Supermarket.



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Arrangements with Foliage

We have all seen how foliage adds to an arrangement of fresh flowers, in fact, foliage is almost as important as the flowers. Many florists use foliage to add shape and form to an arrangement of flowers, as well as to bulk up the arrangement. What's important here is that foliage is far less expensive, and more easily available, plus the fact that most foliage tends to last longer than the flowers themselves. - 48413764728685140/?nic_v1=1aF%2BHlDsZTVuHTOfjqK3GvBW0CWNsZjVj0c23toiIZMv8MzqgRVj9s5sAWpgVaQ3dO

Taking the above into consideration, foliage can be used to create an arrangement that looks stunning on its own, is far more affordable - or free if you take foliage from your own garden, and tends to last far longer. This lets you use different types of foliage to create a stunning arrangement throughout the year to freshen up a room in a home. - 530932243570210993/?nic_v1=1aWtBeyxkg6lmmvJ1P%2BO6a99P5WuMdNVX3CDpU%2B16oEivH0p2Ob2o30tx90EiLe1rT

What Foliage for Arrangements

Whether your garden is small or large, you probably have a few plants that can be used to create your own foliage arrangements. If you don't have any plants that can be used for their foliage, perhaps this is a good excuse to add some to your garden!







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Popular plants that are easy to add to any fresh foliage or branches arrangement include:


- Plants

Baby's Breath (Gyp)

Fan Palm



Grasses, assorted



Philedendron Monstera, Selloum or Xanadu

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- Shrubs


Euonymus, variegated

Heavenly Bamboo, including the berries





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- Trees

Bottlebrush (Callistemon)




New Zealand Umbrella Tree

Plum or Apple Tree - 342977327852949648/?nic_v1=1as7D4Ksn7%2Bp4VQS8rpeXuUKJ%2Bbr9jjMkf%2Byp%2FGkkLWFifAM2NAkPQqq6gqKF%2BslaM

For a more everlasting display, dry a selection of foliage for an interesting and eye-catching display. - 106819822399635181/?nic_v1=1ajT09UNsNASA7BG%2Fdkh4oBs%2FSN4O9hY74FOT0l0i2eJrkwCGRcg5GXuTzhYFAQVzf




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