4 Plants To Grow Indoors To Repel Houseflies

Here are some plants can you grow on a kitchen windowsill that will help to control houseflies and keep these pests from buzzing around the kitchen.





I'm in the process of putting together an article on setting up a herb garden within a kitchen window frame, one where I can grow herbs that can be used when cooking and scented herbs that will bring the scent of outdoors into the kitchen. While looking at the various plants that I already have, I noticed that since I placed a pot on two of my kitchen windowsills, the flies that normally buzz around the kitchen have stopped. It was only when I moved the plants around that flies started to buzz around my head again and I realised that the scented plants themselves were acting as a fly repellant.

I know that there are lots of plants that repel flies but never gave any thought the placing these on my kitchen windowsill to keep flies out. Now that I know, I am definitely going to be including these in my kitchen herb garden collection. I have made a list of the various plants you can grow on a kitchen windowsill to repel flies, so you can think about planting up one or two of these for your own kitchen.






Not only does sweet basil have a very aromatic scent, but the glossy green leaves also look fantastic on a kitchen windowsill. But I bet you didn't know that sweet basil repels houseflies? Yup, place a pot or two on your kitchen windowsill where windows are left open and they will keep flies out of the kitchen. Plus, you can pick fresh sweet basil leaves to add to salads, soups, sauces and pesto.











Pennyroyal is not only a plant that repels flies, it also repels mosquitoes and fleas. Used for centuries for folk medicinal purposes, pennyroyal is a pretty plant that will bring a pop of colour to a sunny kitchen windowsill. Keep the soil moist and don't let it dry out and they will flower profusely.






Another medicinal herb that has its origins in medieval times, wormwood is known for its use in the treatment of digestion ailments, but it is also known for its ability to repel flies. Wormwood, Artemisia absinthium, is also used as a flavouring for alcoholic beverages. Although wormwood is best grown outdoors, there's nothing to stop you from growing seedlings for transplanting into the garden later on.











My favourite plant for repelling houseflies is lavender. Having placed a couple of smaller plants on two of my windowsills, the flies didn't bother us at all. Not only will lavender bring a beautiful, fresh garden scent to your kitchen, you can also use the plant for potpourri sachets, to cut sprigs for placing in drawers and to make lavender water spray to refresh bedding and linens.








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