Go potty with pots!

There are many ways to have container displays in the garden. After searching the Internet for ideas I found some very unique ways to add a touch of container style to a garden or balcony.


Rows and rows of pots on the wall, but in this case the pots were arranged in a zig-zag pattern for a more casual and fun look. Wave petunias create the perfect spill over effect that this whimsical creation cries out for. Just goes to show that not everything has to be in an orderly fashion. Choose plants that hang or drape over pots for a waterfall effect, and the more colour the better!

Golfing among the flowers. I couldn't sell my old golf shoes at my garage sale, so I recycled them into quirky container gardens. There are so many household items that can be recycled into creative containers for patios and balconies.

A pansy filled recycled picnic basket. Pop a selection of annuals into small plastic pots and let them spill over the basket in waves of colour - then pop these onto the patio table for an immediate splash of colour.

The birdbath serves as a great container for succulents. Instead of throwing out items that no longer have any use, think of new ways that they can be given a practical purposes - as garden containers. Old birdfeeders, glass or ceramic light and lamp covers, wire baskets, chipped crockery and even an old bathtub or sink.

Container Tips:
Crunched up aluminum soda cans will create light bulk in large pots and containers. Less soil to fill, lighter pot to lift!



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