Grow Your Own Kitchen Herbs

If you like to grow your own kitchen herbs, you will love Garden Master's range of kitchen herb planters.


Like the idea of growing your own herbs in the kitchen? Garden Master have introduced a unique range of planters each pre-planted with different herbs, so that you can easily grow your own kitchen herbs. And since not everyone has space in their garden or outdoors to establish, being able to set up herb planters in a sunny spot in the kitchen let's you have access to fresh herbs anytime you need them!





If you buy herbs at your local supermarket, you know that fresh isn't always that fresh, plus the fact that buying fresh herbs can be a bit expensive if you use a lot of herbs. Dried herbs are convenient, but there are times when you want to sprinkle freshly cut herbs onto your meals.

The Garden Master range of herb planters guides you easily on growing your own favourite herbs, with advice on how to care for them, as well as cook something delicious to impress your family.

The Garden Master selection of herb planters come equipped with soil, seeds and the planter so that you can create a beautiful area in the kitchen while you nurture your herbs as they grow. You also have the option to select a larger pot that comes with 3 varying herbs types, so that you have a feats of flavours in your kitchen at any given time.

Choose from coriander, rosemary, basil - all in different colours so that you can easily incorporate into your kitchen design. The herb planters make perfect gifts as well, so be on the lookout for these trendy sets to get your green fingers into a new project.





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