Trim your hedges back

If left unattended, hedges can quickly become overgrown and straggly. Here's how to cut your hedges for a perfect manicured garden.


If you don't trim your hedges on a regular basis you will soon end up with an overgrown mass of bush that can make your garden look a mess. Bosch offer a simple, straightforward guide to trimming garden hedges.

1. Put down a piece of plastic that will help you easily dispose of cuttings. Use a pair of secateurs to trim any unwanted or foreign growth.

2. Trimming your hedges should begin at the bottom, so grab your hedge cutter and cut from the bottom upwards. It's also important to trim back to where the original hedge should be.

3. Working in one section, trim back the hedge for a straight edge at the correct depth and use this as a guide for cutting the rest of the hedge. Always check as you cut by checking from the sides.

4. The last step will be to trim the top of the hedge, carefully cutting back to the correct height. Again, stand back from time to time to make sure you are cutting level.

Now all that's left to do if pick up and remove all the trimmings.