Lawn Care Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Every gardener should have a selection of basic tools for gardening.




Admit it, since the day you started maintaining your lawn, you have been collecting gardening tools as well. As you make a visit to your garden tools shop, you will always ask which one is the best for you. Which tools are very essential. To keep you on track, here is a list of the basic tools that you should have:



Before anything else, you get for yourself a pair of gloves. This will protect your hands from getting calluses, bruises, or cuts. Buy something that is durable and can protect you from any injuries that might happen while you are making your lawn look better and cleaner.


Sprayers and Spreader

Spreaders are used to feed and weed your lawn. Spreaders usually help you distribute fertilizers evenly to your lawn. And sometimes, these can also be your aide in spreading your seeds. The use of sprayer is recommended when you need to treat some spots with herbicides. A small-capacity sprayer is good enough if your space is small, but if you have a large area, you can get the sprayer with a backpack with a capacity of up to 4 gallons.



If you have trees, shrubs, and vines, a pair of shears is a must-have. It will be a helpful tool for you when you cut these types of plants. The type of shears depends on what kind of plant will it be used for. Handheld shears are good for decorative plants, bigger shears are used for shrubs, and for trees, lopping shears is the best choice because of its ability to cut hardwood.


Leaf Blowers

Getting a leaf blower can help you save much of your time in sweeping those fallen dried leaves. Instead of using a stick broom to gather all the leaves around, you can use this equipment as it also has the ability to pile them up altogether. If you are worried about the distance how far it can go, there are actually cordless leaf blowers available now, so you can bring them along to any point in your lawn. Because of its convenience and portability, you can also use this as a vacuum cleaner in the garage.




If you think you need a tool that can gather and spread, then get yourself a rake. It will help you gather dried leaves or it can also be used to spread soil and rocks. If you just want to simplify cleaning those fallen leaves, a rake is the best tool to save you time.



Moving plants or soil from one place to another requires you to have a wheelbarrow. This is useful especially if the distance to where you are bringing your plants or soil is quite far. It also reduces your time and keeps your body in good posture instead of carrying those sacks and pots with your bare hands.

Maintaining your lawn is a challenge but with a complete set of tools, it is going to be a fun and an exciting chore. You can purchase these tools from your favorite garden shop, and it will be good if you also ask for their best and most useful tools. Consider also the features of your lawn, as the types of plants, soils, and accessories like sheds if you have them so that you get the best buys for your area.



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