Miniature Succulent Gardens

There's a new craze stirring up the Internet recently... miniature succulent gardens - a pot in a pot!


Gardening enthusiasts, particularly those fond of succulents, have recently been taking to the Internet to post photos of their miniature succulent gardens. Some of the miniature creations are absolutely gorgeous, and it's hard to believe that these are real plants. Some of the over 200 garden designs tagged #succiepotinapot, - 129830401743562721/

The succulent pot-in-a-pot are absolutely adorable and you can use baby succulents to create your own wonderful designs. That's the nice thing about succulents... they produce little babies all the time and you can easily nip them off and they will quite easily start spreading their own root system. - 683350943437092860/

The idea behind the pot-in-a-pot challenge is for creative gardeners to take their favourite succulents and plant them in a large flower pot to create the silhouette of a pot-in-a-pot.  This hugely successful garden challenge has been popping up all over the internet and we've included some of the most amazing designs on this page. - 363454632426057516/ - 691161874040728662/

With over 200 beautiful designs already submitted to the Instagram pot-in-a-pot challenge, you're sure to find your own inspiring design to copy for display in your own home or garden. - 698058010971122082/

Be creative... you don't necessarily have to plant up a pot-in-a-pot design, you can also use miniature accessories to create your own unique plantscape. See more fantastic designs here. - 403987029072199213/



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