Add summer colour to a garden

As we move towards spring, now is the perfect time to head off to your local garden centre to fill up garden beds and borders. If your garden is lacking in colour and texture, here are a few ways to add hot colour to a garden. Cannas look their best in the mixed herbaceous border. They can also be grown in large are best planted in early spring and are planted just below the soil surface


Cannas as an easy way to add colour and texture to garden beds. Their towering height fills up the back of garden beds with luscious foliage and when in flower, their dazzling blooms range from off white to brilliant red.

Cannas are easy to grow in sun and semi-shade and like a rich soil, so prepare beds in advance for planting. In regions that do not experience severe frost, cannas can remain in the ground and will produce offshoots, but in colder regions the rhizomes will need to be lifted and stored in a cool, dry place.

A weekly watering will ensure good growth, as will removing spent flower heads. Add contrasting colour at the front of garden beds with zinnias, Rudbeckia, and lantana.

Canna Australia has rich, deep red blooms with burgundy leaves that flowers well in the heat of the summer. Cannas are easily propagated by root division. It is recommended to disinfect the knife after cutting each rhizome. At home, the easiest is to use 2 knives, allowing one blade to stand in surgical spirits or bleach while cutting with the other. Alternate between rhizomes.



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