Buy a Living Christmas Tree for the Festive Season

Why settle for an artificial Christmas tree when you can buy a live tree that can live out its life in the garden?






Becoming comfortable with a sustainable lifestyle means cutting out anything synthetic and opting for natural or eco-friendly solutions. One area we tend to overlook or forget is the number of synthetic items we use over the festive season, particularly those who set up an artificial Christmas tree.






Pop into the garden section at your local Builders store and check out the selection of different-sized Cypress Gold Crest trees on offer.





Artificial or Synthetic Christmas Trees

Artificial or synthetic Christmas trees are most definitely not environmentally friendly, and they cannot be recycled in any way, this means that they end up on landfills or dumps and do not biodegrade over time. In South Africa, the majority of artificial or synthetic Christmas trees are imported, which adds even more of a carbon footprint. What many tend to overlook, which should be of great concern in a family home, is the fact that these types of Christmas trees are a fire hazard. They may be a convenience in that you can pack them away after Christmas and last a long time, but other than that there is nothing favourable as concerns sustainability.





Live Christmas Trees

Given that we live in the southern hemisphere and our climate is not a cold one, live Christmas trees are not generally a part of our festive decorations. There are some areas that supply live trees for the festive season, but you often end up with a rangy pine species that looks more sad than festive. Luckily, there are plenty of live tree options that are perfect for setting up in the home and then planting out in the garden after Christmas. Alternatively, plant them into a pot that you can bring into the house every year - a Christmas tree for life.







Life is a Garden ( advise that, after the festive season, you can plant the tree directly into the pot if you plan to keep indoors.





One tree species that is excellent for dressing up for the festive season is Cypress Gold Crest. You can purchase a small tree that starts off at around 40 centimetres in height and, once place outdoors in a prime position, the tree will continue to grow each year. What could be nicer than the fresh fragrance and bright foliage of a real tree, either placed as a feature Christmas tree or used as a table decoration?







Pop into the garden section at your local Builders store and check out the selection of different-sized Cypress Gold Crest trees on offer.





Not only will a live tree bring the scent of nature indoors, it will also assist in purifying the air in a home and go a long way towards greening your garden, patio, or balcony. These trees are perfect for properly sized planters and grow well in our climate.



Small varieties of Cypress Gold Crest make gorgeous festive decorations for the home.








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