Putting greens and mini golf in your garden!

There are two types of golf widows: Those who prefer their men to disappear for hours on end and those that wish their men would spend more time at home. If you consider yourself to be the latter, perhaps it's time to consider the installation of a small putting green in the garden!



A residential putting green is easy to create with DuraTurf synthetic lawn. It can be as large or small as required and provides a realistic look and the feel of a professional putting green right in your garden. And a garden putting green provides a safe place for the entire family - and friends - to learn the basics of golf without having to pay expensive golf course fees and spend hours away from home.


Putting greens require very little maintenance and because your lawn will be artificial there will be no need to mow or fertilize it.

Offering easy installation, even for the DIY-er, DuraTurf can be put down in a day and be ready for use immediately. Full installation instructions are provided on the DuraTurf website and it's simply a matter of removing your old lawn, levelling out the surface, and laying GardenGrass.



The kids will love it as well! If your garden is large enough you could consider the installation of a miniature golf course. With clever design and the imaginative use of materials you don't have to give up your garden.

Visit the www.DuraTurf.co.za website for more details on synthetic lawn.




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