Six Best Trees for Small Yards

Designing a small yard with trees should give your garden that cozy and warm ambiance.



Decorating a small yard is a challenging yet fulfilling task. Sometimes, homeowners choose to decorate with bushes that do not do much in terms of curb appeal. Decorating a small yard with trees should give your garden that cozy and warm ambiance. Trees provide good shade and are great decoration pieces.

Most landscape architects suggest measuring out the space that you have. It is advisable to plant trees away from the house, with a distance of half of the maximum height of the tree. For instance, if the tree you want to plant will have a 20-feet height when mature, plant it at least 10 feet away from the house. The reason for this is that tree roots can grow way beyond the tree’s canopy, so giving them enough wiggle room is best. t would also be wise to go for ornamental trees as they are often slow growers.

A tree in a small yard becomes a nice focal point in your garden, and you can decorate around it with concrete edging or a concrete path. Your choice of tree should depend on your preference. Note that trees with pretty fall foliage mean more maintenance on your part once those leaves drop.

Here are the best trees to plant for small yards:

Prairifire Crabapple

Perfect for Zones 4-8

This is a beautiful tree that produces deep-pink flowers during springtime and tiny purple fruits during fall and winter. This tree is perfect for sheltering and feeding wildlife. It will be best to plant a pair flanking your gate. Make sure it gets enough full sun, and it can grow up to 20 feet tall.

Japanese Stewartia

Perfect for Zones 5-8

If you prefer something shorter, go for a Japanese Stewartia. A relative of the camellia, this tree can grow up to 10 feet tall. It produces captivating white flowers during mid-summer and has rich foliage throughout the year.

Royal Star Magnolia

Perfect for Zones 4-9

Growing up to 15 feet tall, Royal Star Magnolia is everything its name implies — a royal star indeed with its bright white blooms that are also fragrant. This tree can tolerate both cold and heat better than the traditional magnolia.

Ribbon-Leaf Japanese Maple

Perfect for Zones 5-9

You could never go wrong by planting a Japanese maple. If you have a small space and you can only plant one tree,a Japanese maple with its striking foliage would be an awesome addition to your garden. Its textured leaves will appear red during spring, become bronze in summer, and turn brilliant orange come fall. For areas with cooler climates, plant in an area that receives partial sunlight. For areas with extreme summers, plant in an area where it can receive dappled afternoon shade. If you can grow it properly, it can grow up to 12 feet tall. Be careful when placing mulch around it, as improper mulching can cause it to die.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Perfect for Zones 4-9

This tree is a popular privacy screen for small yards. It features white flowers, purplish fruits, copper-red leaves, and light gray bark perfect for a garden statement piece. The great thing about this tree is its fruit is edible — it tastes like blueberries and can even be used to make jam!

Black Diamond Crape Myrtle

Perfect for Zones 7-10

If you want to go for a classic tree to adorn your yard, plant a dwarf variety of a myrtle tree. Its bright flowers, intense black foliage, and smooth bark have enough wow factor in increasing your yard’s value. Plant in an area where it can receive full sun, and it will grow up to 12 feet high. Decorate it with stepping stones to make it even more attractive.

You should not be afraid to overwhelm your small yard by planting trees. There are tons of small trees that you can choose from that will provide a statement piece to your yard without making it look cramped.




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