What Pest is that?

Are pests killing your plants or destroying your lawn. Here's an easy way to identify that pest and save your garden.


Pests can wreak havoc on a small garden, eating or killing your plants before you know it. From Aphids to Snails, if you have pests in your garden but you're not sure what they are, Builders have compiled a helpful way to identify pests you might have in your garden and explain how to go about getting rid of them.





Consider Companion Planting

There are certain plants that provide a natural insect repellent, and you should plant these in and amongst your bedding or borders, or next to herbs and veggie gardens. Known as companion planting, these plants help keep harmful insects and pests at bay. Additionally, plant garlic alongside your plants, as these are great for deterring aphids and spider mites. Another plant that you can space amoung your beds and borders is marigolds.



Garden Friendly Insects

But do consider that not all garden insects are harmful to your plants. Your garden also has a lot of garden-friendly insects that you don't want to remove, as these help to control aggravating and annoying pests. There are many ways that you can attract garden-friendly pests, and planting flowering plants and shrubs is just one of the ways.


If All Else Fails!

So, if you have tried various organic and eco-friendlhy methods to control pest infestation, but still have a problem, use the above guide to the best way to treat and keep harmful pests away from your plants. The Pest and Weed Control guide also covers pests you find in your home, a wide selection of common garden weeds and garden fungi.



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