6 Best Places To Place An Artificial Tree In Your Home

Artificial plants used to have the reputation of being tacky and inferior, but technology and modern methods changed all that.





Enhancing the beauty and style of your home with plants has been a trend for quite some time now. Interest in plants had increasingly grown, especially in the last two years when lockdowns were implemented to deter the spread of the pandemic.
Gardening, buying plants, and decorating the home with plants became therapeutic activities that people resorted to, reducing the stress and anxiety brought by the virus.

Plants add joy and have multiple health benefits. But not many people have the green thumb, and some don't have the time to dedicate to the hobby. That's why the popularity of artificial plants and trees increased in the past year too.

Faux plants used to have the reputation of being tacky and inferior, but technology and modern methods changed all that. Now, you can't even tell an actual plant from an artificial one!

Even artificial plants have benefits, mind you. Here are some of them:


    • low maintenance

    • long-lasting

    • versatile

    • brightens up a room

    • budget-friendly

    • doesn't cause an allergy


Although natural plants are more graceful and charming, they need a lot of care and attention; otherwise, they could wither and die. Each variety also has different care specifications, so you have to be extra mindful in caring for them.

Some people are hypersensitive and could be allergic to natural plants. That is why even commercial spaces are decorated with faux plants and trees.

If you plan on putting artificial trees at home, here are the best places where you can place them:


1. Home Office

Trees and plants are a work of art, and they will be a great addition to your home office. Beautiful things like trees and plants can significantly benefit the person occupying the space when used as decor. It has been proven that an office space decorated with beautiful things can increase the creativity and productivity of a person. Position the tree in the corner of your office, and choose a variety that you love. A beautiful artificial potted bamboo can add beauty and zen to your space, making it more relaxing.


2. Foyer

A foyer is the part of your home where guests enter and where you welcome them warmly during events and visits. To have something beautiful to greet them aside from your warm smile will set a positive tone for the affair. The best artificial tree to welcome your guests is a four-foot-tall philodendron with life-like silky leaves and shiny foliage.


3. Bottom Of Staircase

If you have a broad, grand staircase in your home, placing an artificial tree on its bottom will make it regale and more elegant.
A Ficus tree potted in ornate accented pots that tower to six feet will match the elegance of your grand staircase.



4. Bathroom

The beauty of your bathroom will be elevated with the addition of an artificial exotic Swiss plant. Swiss cheese plant or Monstera is popular because of its unique leaf pattern that you'll think is damaged at first. Monstera, the real ones, can be costly because of their rarity, but you can buy artificial ones for a fraction of the price.

Having something beautiful in a space where you spend time getting pretty is something you need to consider. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and treating yourself to a nice view could be a more relaxing experience.


5. Craft Room

A craft room can be considered your personal space. You spend a lot of time creating what you're passionate about personally. It would be nice to add a pot of tropical rubber trees to beautify the space and encourage you to be more creative and productive.


6. By The Window

Putting artificial trees by the window will create the illusion that you're caring for real ones since plants need sunlight to thrive. But really, artificial trees positioned by large French windows elevate the aesthetic of your design style. Palm trees remind you of memorable tropical escapades, maybe a summer on a beach destination in Asia. It conjures fun, exciting, and happy memories, Also, having them sitting by your French windows will be an excellent decor.



Choosing artificial over natural doesn't have to be tasteless. It's how you spruce up a space, use existing items and your boundless creativity that would matter. After all, you don't have to explain anything to anyone. Artificial trees look so real that they could pass for real ones even in daylight.

Remember, even artificial ones have many benefits, and you don't need to exert too much effort nor make a significant dent in your wallet for it.










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