Give Your Plants Shiny Leaves

One of my favourite indoor plants is the Peace Lily and I have quite a few in my home and have discovered a way to give the plant healthy, shiny leaves.






I have previously mentioned that I use Howard Feed N Wax for polishing and rejuvenating all my wood furniture and that it leaves a lustrous finish on the wood and scents the air with the zing of orange but I have now also discovered a new use for Howard Feed N Wax wood polish and conditioner.

Having used the Pokon Leafshine spray in the past for my plants, it is quite expensive for a can and Howard Feed N Wax not only polishes my furniture but just a small amount leaves my plant healthy and glossy.





After first testing Feed N Wax on a small plants to gauge the effects, I have now been using Howard Feed N Wax to clean and leave a high shine on my plants. It also takes a small amount spread over a soft microfibre cloth to wipe away dust to clean the leaves and leave behind a glossy shine.





This plants tends to collect quite a bit of dust on the large leaves and they need a regular cleaning for a healthy plant. As you can see above, the leaves are full of dust while, below, they are glossy and shiny after wiping with a soft cloth and a small blob of Howard Feed N Wax.






ABOVE: After polishing the leaves with Howard Feed N Wax


A little goes a long way and you only need a small amount of Feed N Wax on a soft cloth to wipe away dust and leave a glossy shine on the leaves, allowing them to breath and ensure a healthy plant.



Before: The leaves are full of dust





Howard Feed N Wax is available at Makro, Takealot and select hardware stores around the country and this penetrating polish and conditioner is ideal for all types of furniture and wood finishes.





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