Spring Lawn Care

If you want a lawn in tip-top condition for summer, now is the time to get going with Spring lawn care and treatment.


Make sure you have everything you need to get your lawn in tip-top condition for Spring. We offer some tips on the products and tools you'll need, so that when spring arrives your lawn will produce healthy, vigorous growth.

Before mowing, use a steel rake vigorously across to remove the old dead mat.

Keeping lawnmower blades sharp, or replacing old blades with new ones, is important. Dull blades rip grass and may even create bare patches. You want to set the lawnmower on the lowest height for the first few cuts to remove the thatch layer of old growth for Kikuyu and Cynodon. For Berea/LM grass, set the blade height at about 2cm.

After mowing, water lawn deeply to soften the soil and then use a lawn spike or garden fork to dig into the soil to at least 20cm deep.

Water for about 3 minutes after aerating before applying a lawn fertiliser. A good fertiliser for boosting new growth is 3:2:1, 7:1:3 or 5:1:5 fertiliser. Spread over the lawn as recommended and then water well.

Allow the soil to dry out before applying a lawn dressing -no more than 1cm thick for lawn in good condition, or 3cm thick for a patchy lawn. Use a rake or hard broom to spread the lawn dressing over the lawn and the flat side of a rake to level out the surface.