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Create a Petunia flower cascade

Spring has sprung and colourful annuals are everywhere. Here's how to create a beautiful colourful petunia flower cascade for your garden or patio. You can choose two or more colours for your Petunia flower cascade, or even plant up other colourful annuals to make a stunning display.



1 metre plastic or galvanized wire fencing
Landscaping fabric
Flower pot
Potting soil
Colourful annuals
Tin snips
Cable zip ties
Craft knife and scissors
Gardening gloves

You'll find everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.



Using plastic or wire fencing, create a cylinder shape to place inside the flower pot. Use a smaller pot as a guide for creating the cylinder shape. At the end allow an overlap of in order to close the cyclinder. Wear gloves if you are using wire fencing to prevent scratching yourself on the wire.

Where the fencing overlaps, use cable ties to secure the cylinder together from top to bottom. Place the wire tower into your flower pot. It doesn't have to go all the way down to the bottom of the pot, but needs to sit about three-quarters of the way down to increase stability once filled. Cut off the excess plastic on the ties.

The tower should be no more than 1 ½ times the height of the pot when completed. If you want a higher tower, make sure to use a larger pot, or a heavy clay or cement pot that will support the weight.

Measure how much landscaping fabric you need and cut this to size. Allow a 5 to 10cm allowance for overlapping the fabric at the seam, and about 20cm of fabric to fold over the top of the fencing. Place the fabric inside the tower and smooth along the fencing.

At the top, fold over the excess fabric and use a craft knife to cut small slits - just enough to insert cable ties through the slits to tie down the top of the fabric. Cut off the excess plastic on the ties.

Pour potting soil into the tower until one-third full. Don't press down, as you want it loose until you have planted up your annuals. Also add soil around the base of the tower to fill up the flower pot.

With a craft knife, make a 'X' shape in a staggered pattern from top to bottom of the fencing. Don't make the slits too big, just big enough to be able to pop your seedlings into them. Don't put holes in the bottom row as this will allow plants to cascade over the edge of the plant pot and enhance the cascade effect.

Using your fingers to create a hole in the soil, gently push the seedlings into the space. Close the slits around the hole as much as possible.

Use a watering can to water the top of the tower to help compress the potting soil. Add more potting soil to fill up and then pop a few seedlings into the top. With regular watering and a weekly dose of fertiliser you will soon have a beautiful cascade of colourful annuals.