How To Get The Best Looking Lawn This Summer

Here are a few ways to get the best-looking lawn.


Having a nice lawn is satisfying for the majority of homeowners. While it takes some effort, it’s not hard to have the best-looking lawn possible this summer. With a little planning, some minor mower adjusting, and a good sprinkler you can have a beautiful yard with strong, lush green grass. Here are a few ways to get the best-looking lawn.

Aerate Your Lawn

Most people don’t take the time to aerate their lawn. However, there are many benefits to annual aeration.

When you aerate you are creating little holes in the ground. Through these holes, water, air, and sunlight can get to the grassroots. This is important for the health of your grass, enabling it to grow stronger.

Most rental places have gas-powered aerators available. There are also aerator shoes that you can wear. As you walk around your yard, little spikes penetrate the ground leaving openings in the earth.

Use Weed Killers on Your Lawn

Using weed killers is the easiest way to eliminate and prevent weeds from growing in your yard. The best time to apply weed killer is after you aerate and in the early spring.

By applying weed killers after aerating, you are able to get to the roots of the weed much easier. When applied in the fall, you can get to the weed before it grows deep roots and goes to seed.

While weed killing products are often successful, the best defense against weeds is having a thick lawn. If the grass is thick and strong, there will not be room for weeds to grow.

Reseed Your Lawn

Be sure to reseed your lawn in early spring to ensure that you don’t have any empty patches in your yard. An area without grass is prone to weed growth. By seeding your yard, you can ensure that you will have fewer weeds and a beautiful lawn.
There are several types of grass seed. Some are better spread in shaded areas; others are ideal for the high sun. Try to use the appropriate seed in the corresponding parts of your yard.

Mow to the Appropriate Grass Heights

For the first cut, mow the top third of your grass. The top one-third of your yard is the thinnest and weakest. Cutting this will showcase the thicker, greener grass below.

For future mowing sessions, determine how tall you want the grass to be and mow accordingly. In the South, 1-2 inches is ideal. In cooler climates, 3-4 inches is often preferred. Keeping in mind different soil types, this ensures that you aren’t scalping your lawn, exposing the roots and that your yard gets adequate water and sun.

Water the Right Amount at the Right Time

Without the right amount of water, your grass won’t grow. It will dry up and die. If you see the grass closest to the ground yellowing, you need to water immediately.

On the other hand, if you over-water, you might not be able to get a lawnmower to cut the grass properly; the mower will cut unevenly from sinking into the ground.

The ideal time to water your lawn is in the early morning or early evening. You don’t want to water when it is too hot, in the middle of the day, as the water has a better chance of evaporating before it gets to the roots. This will lead to dry ground and, therefore, dry, dying grass.

Don’t Use a Lawn Mower Bagger

The best thing you can do for your lawn is to not use a bagger. If you let the clippings fall to the ground, they can provide valuable resources and food to the grass as these parts of the grass are easily decomposed.

Having the best looking lawn this summer is easier to attain than you may think. By following these easy steps, you can have a lush, green yard that makes you proud.



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