Primulas - a riot of winter colour

If there is one plant I must plant every autumn, it is Primula malacoides. They provide such a beautiful display of colour during autumn and into winter.

As the cooler weather sets in, Primulas are a beautiful addition to a garden getting ready to rest for the winter months, and their glorious colour extends the beauty of a small garden even more.

The most popular variety of Primula is P. malacoides, or fairy primula, but there are other varieties that flower profusely through autumn and winter, and sometimes even into spring.

Early autumn is the perfect time for planting primulas in beds or borders - or adding to pots and containers for a splash of colour in the garden or on a patio. All they need is a well drained soil, regular light watering, and a spot of sun during the day to keep them happy. If you treat them to a dose of organic fertilizer every six weeks or so, you'll have beautiful flowers for weeks. It also helps to regularly dead-head to remove dead flowers.

Dig over the beds in preparation for planting, and work in generous amounts of compost to ensure a well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients to ensure a good flowering season.

Pop into your local nursery or garden centre, or even your local Builders Warehouse, to select seedlings that are not yet blooming but have well-developed buds and healthy foliage, and you will soon see colour explode into your garden.

If your garden tends to look a little dull in the winter months, plant Primulas en-masse for a gorgeous mix of colour.



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