Tips For Growing Succulents Indoors

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind if you want to grow succulents indoors.





Succulents have become popular as indoor plants mainly due to their low maintenance, beautiful range of colours and variety of plants as well as the ability to create a wonderful arrangement using succulents alone in pots or containers. Pop onto Instagram or Pinterest and you will find hundreds of ideas for designing an indoor garden arrangements using different colourful varieties of succulents. But if you are planning on keeping succulents indoors, there is an important fact to keep in mind...


Succulents need sunlight - and plenty of it

When in their natural habitat succulents thrive in full sunlight. They might only require a small amount of water occasionally, but sunlight is essential for growth. If you have ever planted succulents in a spot that only receives a limited amount of sunlight during the day, you may have noticed that the plants tend to grow straggly as they search out for more sunlight. The right amount of sunlight not only lets these tiny miracles grow properly but also brings out their true colours. Succulents grown in a position of low sunlight tend to lose their bright colour and fade away. Try to provide a sunny spot where your arrangement of succulents will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight.


A sunny position in the home

Arranging a selection of different succulent species in a container or pot can instantly add a splash of natural colour to a coffee table, sunny windowsill or shelf, but try to ensure that wherever you place them they receive sunlight throughout the day. In most homes, this might not be possible and that's when the right type of artificial light can be beneficial and ensure your succulents continue to flourish without becoming straggly or faded.







If you don't have a sunny spot to grow succulents, place them on a sunny windowsill while you are at work!


Using artificial light for succulents

Receiving sufficient light is essential for succulents and when growing them indoors where the right amount of light might be limited, you may want to consider an artificial light source where plants can be placed say, overnight. Both {T5} Fluorescent and LED lights can help provide that little bit of extra light that succulents and houseplants need for growth.


Full-spectrum artificial light will provide enough light for succulents to be vibrant and show off their true colours.



Make a temporary arrangement

Another alternative to maintaining a healthy and interesting display of succulents is to set up a temporary display, say for a month or two, where plants can then be taken outdoors for re-planting in a bed, border or container and being replaced with new, smaller plants for another couple of months. In this way, plants will never outgrow their containers and you will have a beautiful display all the time








Take a tour around your local garden centre or nursery and pick interesting succulents for designing a home arrangement. Succulents are easy to grow outdoors in a sunny position and will quickly produce young plants that you can place in an indoor arrangement until the young plants need to go outdoors in the sun and be replaced with new plants.







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