Create a stackable vertical-tier garden

It is possible to have a green oasis in your home - even in the smallest spaces.


It is possible to have a green oasis in your home, even in the smallest spaces, and we're about to give you some tips on the first steps to achieving this. While a garden is a dream for many, it doesn't mean you can't create a green oasis within your living space.

How to create a stackable vertical tier Garden.

First step is to get all the required equipment and tools. This includes stackable pot planters that allow for you to plant vertically to your heart’s desire. The next step is the potting soil, there are a range of organic, odourless, weed free, pure bark potting soil that will not stink up your home. Finally, you will need some tools, we advise that you get a 3 piece garden hand tool set that is ideal for both planting and transplanting, a set that contains a trowel, fork and transplanter.

• Pour the potting soil into the pots, place your seeds in the pot as indicated on the seed packets and gently press in the seeds.

• Use a mister or a small watering can to moisten the seeds after planting but do not wet it completely. Be sure to add small amounts of water at a time, as adding too much could shift or wash away the seeds.

• Ensure proper light and temperature. Most seeds will need consistent and regular exposure to sunlight to properly germinate. Keep your seeds in a sunny area where they will get a full day’s worth of exposure.

• Water the seeds as the soil starts to dry. It should always be moist, but never wet or muddy as overwatering is as bad as underwatering.

• Turn the seeds. After the seeds have sprouted, give your pot a quarter turn each day. This will prevent your seeds from overreaching toward the light, which can cause weaker stems.

• Once your seeds start to sprout leaves, you will need to ensure they get proper nutrients. In no time your oasis will be the centre piece of your home even though it can be placed in a corner.

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