Gardening made easy!

The handy Bosch ISIO III Grass & Shrub Shear cuts effortlessly around lawn edges and through small hedges and bushes. The ‘Multi-click’ attachments enhance the versatility of the tool, making it suitable for a range of gardening applications.


The Bosch ISIO III grass and shrub shear is practical for everyday gardening tasks such as grass and shrub shearing, plus it has the advantage of being able to access corners that a lawnmower cannot reach.

The ISIO III shear features two easy-to-change blade sets, namely an 8cm-wide edging blade for grass shearing, and a 12cm-long shape-cutting blade for shrub shearing. Additionally, the ISIO III is equipped with a sprayer for spraying pesticides and water onto plants, a spreader for spreading grass seeds and fertiliser, and an adjustable 80 to 115cm telescopic handle - making the tool perfect for those hard-to-reach areas.

With the Special Direct System (SDS) you can perform fast and easy accessory change without the need for specialised tools. The ISIO III weighs in at a mere 550g and offers extraordinary mobility, allowing for easy angling and precise and accurate cutting.

The tool also has a compact and ergonomic design for soft-grip handling and optimum comfort when working.

Powered by an integral 3.6-volt Lithium-ion battery, the ISIO III has a 3.5 hour charging time, with a four-stage LED battery-status indicator clearly displaying the charging state. The operator can work for a solid 50 minutes with a single battery charge.