Colourful Spring Garden

As the weather starts to warm up you'll be thinking of ways to add spring colour to the garden. Garden centres and Builders Garden section will soon be brimming with spring plants. Here are some ideas for a beautiful spring display of colour.


Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, it's a time of rejuvenation; plants are budding with new growth and the lawn is putting out new lush green shoots. Spring is also the perfect time to add colourful plants to beds, borders and container gardens. Pop into your local nursery or Builders garden centre and keep an eye out for gorgeous spring annuals and perennials.

Bed and Borders

Annuals are perfect for edging shady paths and filling beds and borders. They are also easy to plant for brightening containers, window boxes and hanging baskets. If you don't have a green thumb, annuals like vygies, petunias, pansies and violas are easy to grow and only require regular watering.

For adding a splash of colour to an entrance or to brighten up deck or patio containers, try lobelia, nemesia, or pansy. If your patio is lightly shaded, pots of clivia, fuchsia, primula and cineraria are spot on. For shady spots inject colour with clivias or the dusky-pink forest lily.

When planting your Spring garden, also give some thought to planting varieties that can also be brought into the home for a colourful arrangement of fresh flowers. Gerbera are one of the most colourful flowers in the world, and are easy to grow. Visit your local garden centre and plant a kaleidoscope of colour in flower beds.