How to Trim Tall Trees and Shrubs

The Worx WG349E.9 Cordless Pole Saw makes it easy to trim tall trees and shrubs.






With all the rain we have been having over the past few months, my garden has taken on a life of its own! Plants are flourishing and trees and shrubs are growing out of proportion. In an endeavour to cut back on growth and prevent my decorative tree from taking over entirely, we used my Work WG349E.9 Pole Saw to cut back the abundant growth. The tree in question now blocks out light into the lounge and has started to creep over the low roof.






The height and spread of the tree make it difficult to reach those branches on top of the crown. To reach these, it was necessary to use my Work Pole Saw with its extendable pole that allows you to reach higher than usual and also stretch over the width of the tree to remove branches.



As you can see in the images above and below, the pole saw makes it easy to reach branches without too much effort. A word of advice here though, the unit is heavy and requires both hands for supporting the saw when cutting branches.









Cutting off the entire overgrown section on one side of the tree was easily achieved by working from underneath the crown of the tree to cut the branches.





After cutting the branches from underneath, it was simply a matter of pulling the trimmed section away from the tree. By cutting the main branches there was little effort required to remove the major portion of the overgrown section.









Trimming or cutting trees and shrubs generates a lot of garden waste, so make sure to make arrangements to have the garden waste removed. I usually hire a service that charges R400 per full bakkie load and they take everything away and clean up once they are done.





Now the tree has been restored to its original shape with all the overgrowth removed. If you have a medium- or large-sized garden with lots of trees and shrubs, or you manage a townhouse development, it is worthwhile investing in the Worx Pole Saw.





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