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WORX Tools Make It Easy To Maintain Common Property

Maintaining common property is the responsibility of the body corporate and WORX tools make the job much easier.



Within a development managed by a sectional title body corporate, maintenance of the common property is handled on behalf of the homeowners living within the development. Regular maintenance ensures that common property does not become neglected and that all homeowners can enjoy beautifully maintained gardens, neat paths and walkways, an attractive entrance to the development and other tidy common areas.

All of the work required to manage and maintain common property means that a vast array of tools is required for every day, weekly or monthly maintenance tasks. Not only are hand tools needed, but also power tools. Most garden and power tools are either petrol or electrically powered, both have their disadvantages when being used in and around common property







Cut down on noise levels

Garden and power tools that are portable and don't require power cords are petrol-powered, but all these tools have something in common - they are noisy! I don't know of many garden power tools that offer quiet operation, since it is the motor that makes the most noise.


Cut down on inconvenience and electrical costs

Electric-operated power tools are quieter than their petrol counterparts, but with that comes the inconvenience of not being portable and having to find somewhere to plug them in. And that's not including the cost of running these tools for extended periods.


Portable, quiet and battery-operated

With the introduction of WORX tools, we now have access to a range of battery-powered tools that are lightweight and far quieter than other types of garden power tools. Not only that, WORX tools use a single battery that can be utilised across their entire range of tools.



The WORX cordless lawnmowers do more than any other conventional lawnmower, plus they're quieter, cleaner and more eco-friendly than petrol lawnmowers. Like all WORX tools, the WORX lawnmower uses the WORX Power Share that allows you to use a single battery across the entire range of tools.



With their ergonomic design, these lawnmowers provide a smooth, even cut across all types of grass. WORX quality ensures a long-lasting lifespan even over rough terrain. WORX lawnmowers gives you increased performance without the effort and are lightweight, easy to use, offer compact storage when not in use, and deliver the cleanest cuts.



With a trimmer and edger, you need portability and cordless design so that you can use this anywhere on the common property. The WORX GT3 Trimmer and Edger gives you all-in-one convenience with a tool that does both. Not only battery-operated, the trimmer and edger is lightweight yet still gives you the power needed to get the job done.






Cutting back and trimming trees can be a mission, especially when you need a ladder to get the job done. The WORX Cordless Pole Saw makes a difficult job much easier. The telescopic handle is designed to let the tool reach high branches to keep trees and tall shrubs trimmed and neat.









The WORX JawSaw is not only great for cutting back branches on overhanging or out-of-control trees,  but it can also be used to make waste more manageable. The large jaws fit around tree limbs and branches to make for quick and easy removal. Then you can use the JawSaw to cut lumber into smaller pieces for easy transport to the local dump or waste area.





WORX also offer a range of cordless trimmers for every application in the garden or on common property. As with all their tools, the Power Share batteries can be used across the range.




For more information on the WORX range of tools, visit and select the WORX brand.






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