Create your own organic garden with Reel Gardening

Claire Reed of Reel Gardening has designed a simple and easy to use system for growing your own organic vegetables.


Now available at select Builders Warehouse stores, the Reel Gardening system offers even an amateur gardening to grow their own vegetables. Perhaps you have found the process of growing your own frustrating and disappointing. Claire Reed wanting gardening to be easy and fun, and for this reason she established Reel Gardening. Her ultimate goal is to get more people growing their own vegetables - no matter the size of the space available.

Reel Gardening manufactures patented, biodegradable seed tapes that places seed and nutrients at the correct planting depth and distance apart. Tapes are colour coded according to variety and offer even amateur gardeners a successful way to grow their own veggies.


Having developed the product over many years of dedication and hard work, Reel Gardening offers a sustainable way to have food security in South Africa. All products are handmade with care and love and their manufacturing facility is designed to create employment for the local community.

Claire believes that in order for us to solve the looming food crisis we need to get more people to grow their own food and to become self-sustainable. Using your garden to grow your own fruit and vegetables doesn't require a large garden, and can easily be done even on a small balcony - in any urban environment.

The Reel Gardening system includes a way to plant on a balcony railing, a wall, or a kitchen windowsill. The fabric bags and pots are made using a traditional South African fabric called ShweShwe that is traditionally used for clothing and accessories for special occasions. Claire believes that starting your own veggie garden is a special occasion and that every garden should be beautiful. Claire also believes that a garden should be quick and easy and fun to plant, and the Reel Gardening system needs only 5 minutes of your time on a daily basis.