Freshen a Home with Indoor Plants

Treat your home to some potted air freshener and bring houseplants into your living spaces.




When winter arrives we all quickly move indoors and close the house up tightly. Our cold winters force us into unwelcome hibernation, although there are those that do love the cold, and we close windows and doors to keep out the draughts.

Houseplants not only bring fresh interest to our home during the winter months - they are also known to help freshen the air. Certain plants are known to filter our indoor air, improving the air that we breathe and there are many benefits associated with indoor plants..

Whether you want to refresh a stuffy home, or you just want to freshen up a living space, think about investing in a houseplant that will look good and add natural greenery to a home. And there are even houseplants that will thrive - even if you don't have a green thumb!




To make a home feel more invigorated and fresh, and to provide a focal point or eye-catching feature, we have listed a selection of our favourite plants for decorating a home.



Houseplants, small or large, have the ability to add a little extra to any room setting. In fact, most rooms feel empty without at least one potted plant. Tall plants can be used as sculptural objects to draw the eye upwards and make any room feel visually larger and these plants are perfect in a double-volume home that lacks decoration.




Garden centres and nurseries are filled with different varieties of houseplants, from those that require constant love and attention, to ones that only require a lick of water now and again. You can also choose plants that are suitable for different areas of a home, whether it's a shady spot in a dining room or close to a sunny window. With so many house plant varieties to choose from, there's no excuse for not having at least one plant in your home!



Houseplants are wonderful for creating a summery feel all year round, even when it's cold and miserable outside. Even a single plant, preferably a large one as a focal, will boost the feeling. You can also use houseplants to soften a room, especially one that is filled with straight edges. Plants have the ability to transform both your mood and your home.



Indoor palms, large-leaved strelitzia (bird of paradise) and rubber plants (Ficus elastica) can grow to heights when grown under their ideal conditions. In fact, with these plants being tropical they thrive indoors during the colder months of the year. And these plants will add a distinctive element to indoors.





Another popular plant to grow indoors as a focal point or feature is the weeping fig (ficus benjamina). Many larger indoor species have been bred for reduced leaf drop and provided they receive plenty of natural light, they will flourish in indoor conditions.







One plant that has received a huge amount of popularity in the past couple of years is the fiddle leaf fig (ficus lyrata), and this has become one of the trendiest indoor plants. With its beautifully shaped leaves and height, this plant is definitely one to consider as a feature in a corner of the room. These plants only require a bit of morning sunlight and a regular watering and misting to keep them looking good.



Whatever houseplants you select for your home, make sure you have easy access for watering and regular care. Some plants may need the addition of organic fertilizer to keep them healthy, others may need their leaves misting. When buying plants always discuss your requirement with the staff at your local garden centre, and be sure to mention where they will be placed.





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